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Suggestions for Improving the GSA Schedules Contracting Process

On our most recent discussion board there was quite a bit a chatter about the improvement of the application process for GSA Schedules.  We want to know your ideas and suggestions.  As technology improves and the agency circulates leadership - fresh perspectives help keep us all going.

Chime in with your ideas, suggestions, etc.


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<p>Hi Danielle,</p><p>I really appreciate what you shared and have passed it on to leadership in FAS.&nbsp; Continue to provide good information - it really makes a difference.</p>
<p>On my adventure of learning more about federal business, I stumbled on this interesting and innovative little site,&nbsp;<a href="www.betterbuyproject.com/forums/29690-market-research-and-requirements-definition-phase">www.betterbuyproject.com/forums/29690-market-research-and-requirements-definition-phase</a>. Better Buy Project has some great ideas and feedback as to what vendors think could be improved involving federal buys, and there are a great number of vendors involved. Definitely a site worth monitoring.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h3>Best,</h3><h3>Danielle Gagner</h3><h3>The Remi Group, LLC</h3>
<p>Great point Maggie.&nbsp; We know it&#39;s a lot and this forum is to harvest your ideas about a better way of doing things?&nbsp; Do you have solutions?&nbsp; Ideas? Maybe you know someone who specializes in decreasing the red tape while still accomplishing the objective.&nbsp; We want to hear from you and anyone else who can contribute to the solutions.</p><p>Thanks for your input.&nbsp; Hope to hear from you again soon.&nbsp; Make sure to check out the other disucssion boards too!</p>
Maggie Glynn
<p>I can appreciate that GSA has embraced eOffer and eMods, this is a great way to promote their Green initiative and keeps their desks free of clutter.&nbsp; But there are still forms that must be downloaded, printed, scanned, saved and ultimately uploaded and sent to GSA for approval.&nbsp; I have stacks of paper as back ups for our Schedule Contract, Mass Mods and Mods we have submitted.&nbsp; Will we ever really be able to get rid of the paper?</p>
<div class="content"><p>I can appreciate that GSA has embraced eOffer and eMods, this is a great way to promote their Green initiative and keeps their desks free of clutter.&nbsp; But there are still forms that must be downloaded, printed, scanned, saved and ultimately uploaded and sent to GSA for approval.&nbsp; I have stacks of paper as back ups for our Schedule Contract, Mass Mods and Mods we have submitted.&nbsp; Will we ever really be able to get rid of the paper?</p><p align="center"><font color="White" style="font-size: 1pt;"><a alt="المنتديات العامة" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f1.html" title="المنتديات العامة"><font color="#ffffff">المنتديات الــعـــامــة</font></a> || <a alt="المنتدى العام" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f2.html" title="المنتدى العام"> <font color="#ffffff">المنتدى العام</font></a> || <a alt="المنتدى الاسلامي" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f6.html" title="المنتدى الاسلامي"> <font color="#ffffff">المنتدى الاسلامي</font></a> || <a alt="منتدى الضيافه والاهداءات" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f7.html" title="منتدى الضيافه والاهداءات"> <font color="#ffffff">منتدى الضيافه والاهداءات</font></a> || <a alt="المنتديات التقنية" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f9.html" title="المنتديات التقنية"> <font color="#ffffff">المنتديات التقنية</font></a> || <a alt="منتدى الكمبيوتر والانترنت" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f10.html" title="منتدى الكمبيوتر والانترنت"> <font color="#ffffff">منتدى الكمبيوتر والانترنت</font></a> || <a alt="منتدى العلوم و التكنولوجيا" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f11.html" title="منتدى العلوم و التكنولوجيا"> <font color="#ffffff">منتدى العلوم و التكنولوجيا</font></a> || <a alt="منتديات الاسرة والمجتمع" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f12.html" title="منتديات الاسرة والمجتمع"> <font color="#ffffff">منتديات الاسرة والمجتمع</font></a> || <a alt="عالم حواء العام" href="http://www.tran33m.com/vb/f13.html" title="عالم حواء العام"> <font color="#ffffff">عالم حواء العام</font></a> || <a alt="ديكور - 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Office of Small Business Utilization Welcome to GSA’s Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) "Small Business Solutions" group.  We are advocates... More
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