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Subcontracting Rules per the FAR


I've been looking at FAR pt 52 to see if there are any rules surrounding the FAR and the prime's authority and am not having any luck.  

I need to know if the prime is award a FFP contract, if have the legal authority to issue the subcontractor a different type of contract (T&M, Cost Plus, etc) other than a FFP?  i.e. is a prorime reguiqred to issue a FFP contract to their sub or can they do any type of contract for their subs?



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The last comment here is true as far as it goes. Its important to remember, though, that the government does flow down specific clauses to subs. Primes are responsible for making sure their subs abide by those flow downs.
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<p>The contract types mentioned are listed in the FAR and apply to the contracts the government has with its contractors (e.g. primes). The government does not have privity of contract with a subcontractor and therefore it cannot say what types of contracts are allowed or not allowed between a prime and a sub.</p>
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