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Sample iTunes Policy (Department of Justice)

The iTunes MCC Group has been added to your purchase card account as requested by your organization.  The single purchase limit for iTunes purchases is $50.00. 

 Be advised that iTunes is one merchant where we have experienced attempted fraudulent activity recently and in the past.  Now that you have been approved to make purchases from iTunes the bank’s security office will no longer flag for further investigation these transactions to determine if an account has been compromised, thereby increasing the risk for fraud to your organization and the agency.   Therefore it is extremely important that you be extra vigilant in monitoring and reviewing transactions against your account.

 You should also know that the bank has an automatic system in that will place an account in suspended status due to suspicious activity after the 1st or 2nd iTunes purchase.  Should that happen, you will need to contact the bank to confirm that the iTunes purchases were proper and the account will be re-activated.  Unfortunately there is no way to remove this automatic suspension because it’s part of the bank’s internal controls for business accounts.

 In addition I recently learned that iTunes is charging taxes when orders are placed for Apps.  These taxes are listed on the invoice and approved by you the cardholder at the time he purchase is completed.  As you know we are prohibited from paying taxes and doing so may be a finding in a financial or purchase card.  In addition, OMB A-123 Appendix B requires that we recovery taxes paid with the purchase card. 

 With that said Apple recognizes the problem and has put in place a temporary means for federal agencies to recover taxes paid for iTunes purchases.  Apple is currently researching a permanent solution that will identify federal buyers and thereby eliminate tax charges.  Tax recovery procedures are provided below and mandatory compliance with this process is required. 

  1. Cardholders must submit to itunes_tax_refunds@apple.com the order receipt and a tax exempt certificate. Tax exempt certificates may only be obtained from [name] at @usdoj.gov.  These certificates are controlled documents that may not be duplicated for multiple use.
    • The certifications will be mailed to you so include your address with your request.  If you wish to receive by overnight mail, you will have to provide your FedEx account number, we are unable to bear this expense with cardholders within all of DOJ’s Offices/Boards/Divisions, to include all USAO offices.
  2. iTunes will refund the taxes via check, use the OBD-44 TRANSMITTAL OF CURRENCY OR OTHER ITEMS form.  This form with the check must be forwarded to JMD, Finance Staff.
  3. Cardholders must attach to the transaction documentation a copy of the refund request for audit purposes.
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