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Multiple Award Schedule Marketing

We have had our MAS for just over 5 years and have noticed a sharp decline in sales from this particular contrac since January 2011.  We have a link on our company website to the GSA Advantage! site in the hopes that various gov't purchasing agents will utilize it but this doesn't seem to be happening.  Does anyone have any suggestions of ways we can market our MAS to help increase sales?


Evan Force, ServCorp Inc.

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Geri Haworth
<p>Evan: &nbsp;You can get the videos here: &nbsp;<a href="http://interact.gsa.gov/groups/contractor-success">http://interact.gsa.gov/groups/contractor-success</a>. &nbsp;You&#39;ll see a link &quot;click here to view free videos&quot; link in the middle of the page. &nbsp;</p>
<p>Geri,</p><p>Thanks so much for the excellent input.&nbsp; I will be working on tweeking the items you mentioned from our company website.&nbsp; I will also be looking for the video series your referenced (I have never seen it) and I&#39;m not sure where to find it, either.</p><p>Evan Force, Contract Administrator</p>
Geri Haworth
<p>Evan Force:</p><p>Consider viewing the 4 part video series on &quot;GSA Schedule Contractor Success - Marketing Matters&quot; if you haven&#39;t already. &nbsp;There is a group in Interact that you can join. &nbsp;Are your products available through DOD Emall? &nbsp;Have you looked into the GSA Global Supply program? &nbsp;If not, references are in the video series.</p><p>Also, you might consider marketing to large integrators for sub-contracting opportunities and/or providing your products through the FAR 51 deviation. &nbsp;Information on that is in the video series or on other pages in Interact. &nbsp;</p><p>I checked out your website. &nbsp;It&#39;s very nicely designed. &nbsp;One suggestion would be to highlight your GSA Schedule contract number on the main page. &nbsp;I see where you have reference to your GSA Schedule Contract in the scrolling window but clicking on the picture does not take me anywhere. &nbsp;Your GSA references are below the fold. &nbsp;Also, the link to the gsa.gov website is not correct. &nbsp;You might consider using www.gsa.gov/schedules or www.gsa.gov/acquisitionsolutions.</p><p>Geri Haworth, Business Management Director, FAS MSC</p>
<p>Hi Evan,</p><p>A lot of factors likely contributed to your declining sales. There are more companies with GSA contracts than five years ago, adding to the pool of available contractors. Have you changed your marketing strategies? Have you been able to attend GSA and government-sponsored trade shows and events? Have you contacted the small business utilization offices in various agencies? Have you considered engaging folks who can help market you (note: we don&#39;t do marketing)? Have you considered diversifying?</p><p>Fixing declining sales is potentially complex, but certainly achievable. Hope things improve for you.</p><p>Pat</p>
<p>Hi Pat and thanks for your response.&nbsp; In terms of your suggestions, yes we have done all of those things.&nbsp; We do understand that the GSA does not do marketing.&nbsp; However, it seems that maybe GSA purchasing agents need to be more aware of the MAS Contracts&nbsp;/ GSA Advantage.&nbsp; In addition to our MAS contract, we hold <em>several</em> formal contracts and BPA&#39;s, none of which are associated with the Multiple Award Schedule.&nbsp; That being said, why aren&#39;t contracting officers placing orders or BPA&#39;s against the MAS?</p><p>Maintaining the MAS contract is very time consuming and doesn&#39;t really seem to be worth the labor hours that have been invested in it.&nbsp; Perhaps you could enlighten me further.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Evan Force</p><p>Contract Administrator</p><p>ServCorp, Inc.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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