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Good Afternoon Charley, Would you happen to have a GPC training Tracker. I am looking for a tracker that notifies me when cardholders are due for training.
Charley Schollaert
<div class="content"><p>Users now have the ability&nbsp;to choose whether to automatically subscribe to threads they create or&nbsp;comment upon.</p><p>Here&#39;s how you do it:</p><ul><li>Click &quot;My account&quot; in the right side of the site banner</li><li>Click the &quot;Edit&quot; tab</li><li>Look for the &quot;Message and Notifications settings&quot; section near the&nbsp;bottom of the page</li><li>Set &quot;Autosubscribe&quot; as desired.</li></ul><p>We have turned this on by default for new users; however, existing users&nbsp;(including our current group owners) will need to set it for themselves.</p></div>
The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is looking for ways to increase its effectiveness in serving its stakeholder communities.  This group is... More

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