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How can the OSBU improve it's service to small business?

This year we have taken on many projects to improve our support to small business.  We are updating our web pages, adding new free training, expanding our outreach and much more.  Tell us your ideas for improving the help we provide to small businesses partnering with GSA.

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<p class="list-header"><strong>I&nbsp;spoke to the program manager - the CAE site is no longer funded and will be removed in about 30 days.&nbsp; The earlier message I provided is the current resource.&nbsp; If there are any additional questions you may use the contact information below.</strong></p><p class="list-header"><strong>Yaisa Reeves</strong><br />(202) 219-0445</p><p class="list-header"><a _fsrdmr="true" _fsrtpc="true" class="blue" href="mailto:yaisa.reeves@gsa.gov">yaisa.reeves@gsa.gov</a></p><br /><p>&nbsp;I hope this has been helpful to you.</p>
<p>Re-instate the web site www.gsa.gov/cae How to become a contractor videos.</p><p>Looked like a great site but it has been taken down.</p><p>P.S. Really enjoyed the video presentation.</p>
<p>I looked into your question and found that the training seems to be moved to <a href="http://interact.gsa.gov/gsa-training">http://interact.gsa.gov/gsa-training</a>.&nbsp; Yaisa Reeves is listed as the POC for the previous site and I have put an email into her to get a response to your question on the future of accessing traing per the previous method.&nbsp; I will post again as I get more information.</p>
<p>In the short experience I have had so far with the government opportunities, I have found that there is so much information out there, it is vastly overwhelming. The OSBU has been helpful... but only to a point. My &quot;blanket&quot; response (and this does not count for every office/person I have spoken to) has been great at first contact with providing information/answering questions etc but when I follow up with an additional question or try to reconnect, it seems nearly impossible.</p><p>That being said, in regards to the other topic that has been posted, this isn&#39;t an easy process to get work. However, I have been working at it for only a few months and the deeper I get into it, the more opportunities I find, and the closer I feel to closing in on a contract to get the ball rolling.&nbsp;</p><p>The easiest things aren&#39;t always worth obtaining.&nbsp;</p>
<p>GS-27F-0026X is exactly correct Alan. First make sure that you&#39;re squared away with CCR and Orca. SBA is who you work with for 8a status. And lastly, I highly recommend going to the Vendor Support Center vsc.gsa.gov and take their &#39;New Contractor Orientattion Educational Seminar&#39; and get your certification, then take the &#39;Pathway to Success&#39; (which is a prereguisit) and obtain your certification. If you are still not put off of the idea after that, then it is time for the real work to begin.</p><p>Nothing about this is either fast or easy. Its not supposed to be. But it can be highly rewarding if you have the determination to achieve success in government contracting.</p><p>Best wishes.</p>
<p>Alan,</p><p>Your post is a little confusing. &nbsp;From my understanding, GSA does not determine 8(a) status. &nbsp;I believe that is handled by the SBA. &nbsp; As for obtaining a GSA &nbsp;schedule contract, everything you need to know can be accessed at the Vendor Support Site&nbsp;https://vsc.gsa.gov/ &nbsp;It may not look like much to start, but all of the links are there to get you started. &nbsp;Best of luck as from my experience there is not shortcut to securing a GSA contract. &nbsp;And once you have the contract in hand, it is not a guarantee that you will see any business from it. &nbsp;If you don&#39;t want to jump through the GSA hoops to start with, you might want to try your hand at contracting via more open venues like FedBizOps &nbsp;https://www.fbo.gov/ &nbsp;or FedBid &nbsp;http://www.fedbid.com/ &nbsp;You will still have to register with CCR &nbsp;https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/ and keep your ORCA&nbsp;https://orca.bpn.gov/ registration current, but that is nothing compared to securing and managing a GSA schedule contract. &nbsp;Like I said, best of luck. &nbsp;Government contracting can be rewarding and profitable, but it is not easy, fast, simple or sure-fire -even with 8(a) status. &nbsp;</p>
<p>I am working with a Small Business Minority Owned&nbsp;Security Company&nbsp;who recently obtained 8(a) status from GSA.&nbsp; We are seeking information on the best way forward to secure GSA contracts in the DC Metropolitan area.&nbsp; Any advice and/or assistance on the shortest route to securing a government contract would be greatly appreciated as well as gaining access to capital and GSA property, such as surplused vehicles,etc.</p><p>Alan White</p><p>Sentry Security International, licensed in DC, MD &amp; VA</p>
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