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What are your suggestions to make the GSA Sustainability Forum more effective and user friendly?


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Rebe Stein
<p>The government is doing a good job with the blog itelf, but they should make it more popular in social media, because this is a really good way for the US citizens or anyone that wants to comment their opinion and interact with the government &nbsp;about what is going on with sustainability in the country, but people dont know they have this tool of interaction. Also, in the gsa website its not clear that the blog exists, they should make an attractive banner just for the blog at their homepage.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>More eye appealing logo, provide a link to frequently asked questions, as well as visibly provide an area where the audience can interact e.g. updates, audience comments, etc</p>
<div><font color="#353535" face="verdana, sans-serif"><span style="font-size: 11px;">The blog itself should be easier to access and more noticiable on the GSA homepage. The banne image on the blog could possibly be changed to something more eye catching, and perhaps simplistic. The page could be cleaned up (so to speak) by minimizing the number of links displayed thus making the page easier to navigate. After any big changes are made on the blog, there can be more promoting on social media.&nbsp;</span></font></div>
Deshawn Nunez
<p>I assume in the 21st century people are wanting to interact with government just like how they interact ona daily (online and on the go) accessible. Fearly easy to comprehend. SOmething that catches their attention. We should leverage a startup of somesort. We need to be able to answer peoples question without having to direct them to many places. We need to improve on how we deliver to the people. Spice things up a little.</p>
Here at the Sustainability Forum, we discuss the current state of Federal sustainability, including ideas for improving agencies' ability to address... More
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