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Government benefit from public sector's efforts

How can the government benefit from the public sector's efforts to go green?


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darnold (not verified)
<p>More on my posting -- Federal agencies have also found products that are safer for our employees and the surrounding communities. On a more national scale, our purchase and use of green products has helped to create and sustain markets for recyclable materials, renewable energy, and alternative markets for America&#39;s farmers. And, we are helping to reduce the edmission of greenhouse gas pollution.</p>
darnold (not verified)
The federal government has been benefitting in many ways, ranging from reduced operating expenses when we use energy efficient and water efficient products, reduced fuel costs when we use alternative fuel vehicles, and reduced waste disposal costs.
<p><!--StartFragment--><!--EndFragment--></p><p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:11.0pt">The government can benefit from the public sector&#39;s efforts to go green by many things. These things include a upsurge in public transit riders who are concerned with the pollution of cars, an increase in ride sharing to decrease the amount of pollution created by cars, and a boost in recycling to cut back on emission created factories.&nbsp;</p>
Deshawn Nunez
The government can benefit because money can be saved and also reducing costs and improving occupant comfort and productivity can be and will be beneficial
<p>The government can set up &quot;green&quot; projects that many people can take part in. With people coming together for a specific purpose it is possible that they will be opened up to other goals, methods of living, and ways of thinking. Many citizens can start being involved in a green movement and then take part in political movements and help our government in many ways.</p>
Rebe Stein
<p><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">&nbsp;The public sector are part of our community. A community that is trying to go green for a better living, these efforts they&#39;re doing can affect in many different ways. For example, economically, socially, but also individually to the people that is trying to go green. Also, with the public efforts in going green, the government wouldn&#39;t have to spend so much money or resources to keep the environment clean with toxic waste. Recycling is one big way the public could show the government that the public is serious about going green. The public needs to stop or at least reduce the pollution in the air by not using products that could effect us or, throwing things on the streets or sidewalks. It can be a support for the government to teach people different alternatives to take care of our planet and start thinking green.&nbsp;</span></p>
<p>The green effort filtering down to public channels can create a larger awareness for the cause and help promote sustainability.&nbsp;</p>
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