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Discussion | We need your ideas about potential savings strategies for the U.S. government

Has your company developed methods that have resulted in alternative cost savings for customers when procuring your BMO services? 
The heart of strategic sourcing is to save money for federal agencies and, in turn, the U.S. taxpayer. We are in the process of developing our savings strategy for how to best accomplish this through the final BMO acquisition solution. And we need your help.
The government does not have a concrete set of approaches for calculating savings for its strategic sourcing programs. Each commodity area is different and has a unique set of criteria, which makes it difficult to develop a one-size-fits all equation.
We would like to know from BMO service providers possible ways which the government can save money other than through service price reductions. Through your previous private or federal contracts, has your company developed methods that have resulted in alternative cost savings for customers, such as increased administrative efficiencies or by avoiding costs through improved customer behavior? 
Just so you understand where we’re going with this…one basic example might be consolidating contractual requirements/services across multiple property assets owned by a single federal customer. This would result in less administrative work by contracting staff due to lower demand for contract maintenance. We are focusing more on contractual-based solutions rather than building performance best practices, etc.
Thank you! We are working hard to meet a deadline to develop our savings strategy proposal which will be shared with the U.S. Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council early next calendar year. GSA appreciates any suggestions and we’re looking to our commercial partners to suggest any out-of-the-box solutions that we might be missing.
Please share your ideas in the Comments section below (you must be a registered Interact user), or send us an email at fssi.bmo@gsa.gov.

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I have found that solid waste audits always yield savings. These audits determine if you have the correct level of service at your facilities and also identify opportunities for savings. These savings include diverting more from your solid waste volumes at a lower cost. This can be achieved by recycling but just as important what you are purchasing. Leveraging your purchasing power with vendors to reduce packaging and use recyclable packaging ultimately lowers the volume you are generating for disposal.
GSABMO Blogger
<p>JShapiro,</p><p>The questions that will be posted here in Interact are more informal than those contained in a Request for Information. Therefore, there is no set due date. However, for this particular question, your response would be most valuable to us if we could have it by Monday, Nov 17 so that it can be taken under consideration for a possible savings strategy we might propose to the SSLC. Thank you for your interest!</p>
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<p>Deatailman,</p><p>Thank you for your suggestion.&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 12px;">We will be consolidating these comments and a few we have received via email, and will be further examining their potential to become a formalized government savings strategy.&nbsp;</span></p>
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<p>Mr. Bornstein,</p><p>We appreciate your active participation during the development of BMO. We genuinely will take your comment into consideration as we investigate all the options we have in regards to how best to geographically manage the future solution. Thank you</p>
<p>While GSA considers BMO savings strategies, I suggest that the &quot;costs&quot; of those savings be addressed as well. The FSSI strategy relies upon vendor leveraging in order to attain savings, but while this strategy works well in the Private Sector, it will cause unnecessary harm in the Public Sector. An Acquisition Research Paper on this issue was published in 2007 under the title,&quot; DoD is Not IBM: The Challenges of Implementing Strategic Sourcing in Defense Acquisition&quot; by Bowman, Searle, Reed, Hudgens.</p><p>As the FSSI for BMO is being formulated, please consider the following question from the Research Paper: &quot;Have you considered that BMO is labor intensive and could be exacerbated if <span>geographic</span>ally dispersed services were to be consolidated?</p>
<p>You should consider self cleaning buildings.Through photo-catalytic Ti02 buildings no longer need to be pressure washed and stay clean through UV light.This alone would save the goverment millions in maintenance.The cost is less than what you are doing now and eliminates the constant cycle of pressure washing once a year saving water.</p><p>There are also floor coatings available that once applied will never have to be stripped again.No wax.This is another multimillion dollar savings to the government.Floors are a constant nightmare but this technology being used around the world has eliminated this wax and strip process</p><p><a href="http://www.selfcleaning-titaniumdioxide.com">http://www.selfcleaning-titaniumdioxide.com</a></p>
<p>Is there a deadline to provide industry&nbsp;suggestions about possible saving strategies for the upcoming BMO Operations Solution?</p>
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