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Discussion | How do you define Facilities Management?

Q: Facilities Management is a service we are considering including under the new BMO strategic sourcing solution. How would you define federal government Facilities Management? 

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<p>Federal Government Facilities Management should begin with an inventory of facilities and facility types.Once this is accomplished the requirements of the Facility Management providers, and the Facility Management scope of work can be developed. A office facility will have differant requirements then a laboratory type faciltiy for example.</p><p>Once the above is know the Federal Government Facilities Management program can include using Facilities Mangement providers who can provide services for multiple facilities in the Government inventory. This would allow for easier oversite by the government&nbsp; having to manage fewer Facilities Management providers. There would also be a benifit were people with specilized skill sets could be shared among facilities as the needs require.</p><p>The Federal Government Facilities Management program should include the use of a single CMMS program to allow asset management. This single CMMS program would allow for similiar reporting on Facility Management metrics.</p><p>And finally a set of mutuallly agreed upon KPI&#39;s should be established to insure services are consistant throughout the governments inventory.</p><p>Ronald J Doherty</p><p>WorkingBuildings Companies</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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