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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Business Opportunities

Many industry partners on this group have expressed a lot of interest in working with DHA on their Health IT requirements.  DHA has recently mentioned that they are not seeing the full breadth of responses that they would like and I wanted to engage in a discussion on the site of why that may be.  Please feel free to email me at jennifer.auble@gsa.gov or respond as a comment to this blog.  If there is enough interest, I may set up a few small group calls to understand a little better.  

1) Are you seeing the opportunities posted on GSA ebuy?  (must be a GSA vendor)

2) If you are seeing the requirements, are the requirements that are posted sufficient?  Do you face any challenges with the RFQ's and if so - what are they?

3) Are you responding to the RFI's that are posted, but not the RFQ's that are subsequently posted?  If so, why?

4) What are ways to support your efforts on responding to the RFQ's

** requirements have previously be posted to SINs within Schedule 70 or the GWACs.  



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