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  • fssios3blogger's picture
    Thank you for your participation in today's FSSI OS3 Listen to Industry Day.  It was a very interactive and successful event. For your reference, attached  is a copy of the presented slides. The transcript of today's session will be available at a later date.  
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    MAS Blogger
    Last Activity: 8/5/2013 1:23 PM
    in Multiple Award Schedules
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    The Multiple Awards Schedules Interact group recently sent out this information to its members (a shameless plug for you to think about joining their group, too), with this great new program that applies to all the industry partners on IT Schedule 70.  One of GSA's goals is to make it easier for our customers to obtain information on the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and improve the customer's overall experience with the MAS program.  As a result, GSA has developed a new service model and are pleased to announce the launch of Enhanced Customer Service Delivery (ECSD).
    Last Activity: 8/5/2013 10:19 AM
    in IT Schedule 70
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  • Paul J Morris's picture
    Paul J Morris
    These are questions and answers from past Reverse Auction Buyer Training sessions.  Agencies interested in further training are encouraged to check the Reverse Auctions Interact page or www.gsa.gov/events for classes scheduled in the future.
    Last Activity: 8/1/2013 11:36 AM
    in - Private group -
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    OASIS Blogger
    A few days ago we posted the revised RFPs which we promised at our Industry Day in mid-May.  I hope by now that you’ve had time to review the documents and look forward to your comments and feedback.  In this blog entry I’d like to discuss some of the major changes we made.
    Last Activity: 7/31/2013 4:45 PM
    in OASIS Interact Community
  • OASIS Blogger's picture
    OASIS Blogger
    Hello, Industry! The next blog you hear from me, hopefully very soon, will announce the release of the final RFPs.  In fact, that blog has already been written.  So, much like “Let It Be” was recorded before “Abbey Road” but released afterwards, I will post these final thoughts in a not-final blog.  (Yes, I did just implicitly compare this blog to the Beatles oeuvre.  I apologize to the Fab Four!) 
    Last Activity: 7/31/2013 3:58 PM
    in OASIS Interact Community
    Beth Gentry
    Jim - Would the government consider changing the 5 years prior to the solicitation closing date for relevant project completion to 5 years prior to the posting of the draft RFP? That allows contractors to be sure that their project will meet the 5 year...Read More
    In relation to Minimum requirements for relevant experience projects, you state that at least one relevant experience project must have reported a NAICS code in the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) that corresponds directly to a...Read More
    Absolutely agree that the degree of interaction between GSA and industry has been phenomenal. All avenues of "discussion" has increased the quality of the product and has given industry clear guidance on every aspect of the procurement....Read More
  • FSSI JanSan Blogger's picture
    FSSI JanSan Blogger
    Hello everyone, Thank you for the feedback on the JanSan DRAFT RFQ.  We appreciate the time you spent reviewing and providing comments on the draft.  We have compiled all of the questions and responses, both of which can be viewed in the attached document.  We also plan to explore many of the comments further.  Over the next few weeks, we will post additional questions for further feedback.  Keep checking here for new posts regarding updates and more!
    Based upon my knowledge of our individual contract requirements (schedule 73) and the incorporation of Ability One items to respective contract I have the following question. Current contract products offer a discount of off manufacturer list;...Read More
    JanSan Team, Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions through Interact.  We understand that since the Pre-solicitation Industry Day, the proposed number of BPA's for JanSan has increased from 15 to 21 (7 for large business and 14 for...Read More
    FSSI JanSan Blogger
    An update will be posted on Interact soon.
    New York Inkjet
    Do you have to maintain a Schedule 73 to bid on JanSan, if your Schedule 75 contains all the market basket items?
    FSSI JanSan Blogger
  • fssios3blogger's picture
    In OS2, basic office supply items such as pens, paper, toner cartridges, staples, etc. are considered in-scope.  For OS3, should we expand the scope to include small "stand alone" office furniture items such as tables and chairs not part of integrated  or modular furniture systems? 
    Yes it makes sense to adjust the scope to include the listed items in FSSI OS3 .
    Only if OS3 is open to new contractors.  OS2 continued from an option period of OS1 and OS2 appears to be heading in the same direction (please correct me if I am wrong).  The FSSI OS program has been a point of pride for GSA, but it is a...Read More
  • OASIS Blogger's picture
    OASIS Blogger
    We’ve been receiving feedback on the revised OASIS draft solicitations and we want to thank everyone for their diligence in helping us make the solicitations clearer, better, and stronger.  We feel, and we have heard your feedback, that releasing the draft solicitations and collaborating on ideas has been beneficial to everyone involved in the process.
    Last Activity: 7/26/2013 2:19 PM
    in OASIS Interact Community
    1.    Reference Page 109, L5.3 Volume 3 Relevant Experience Project NAICS Code in Section H.4.2.1. This criterion disadvantages the Government because many relevant projects either do not have an assigned NAICS code or the single NAICS...Read More
    OASIS Blogger
    Comment: 1.    Reference Page 109, L5.3 Volume 3 Relevant Experience Project NAICS Code in Section H.4.2.1. This criterion disadvantages the Government because many relevant projects either do not have an assigned NAICS code or the single...Read More
    In section L.5.3.1 Minimum Requirements for Relevant Experience Projects, there is a statement that "the Offeror must submit Five (5) distinct relevant experience projects...".  If we were awarded and performed a contract that was from 10/...Read More
    OASIS Blogger
    I have a comment regarding Section L.5.3.1 of the draft RFP, regarding pool qualification.  NAICS Code 562910, Environmental Remediation Services with a 500 person size standard, is assigned to procurements that are "...composed of activities...Read More
  • LucasHall's picture
    IT Schedule 70 associates set out to increase customer awareness of GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing programs this year. While state and local sales represent only a fraction of the overall sales for IT Schedule 70, the overall state and local IT market is forecasted to reach $60B in FY14.
    Last Activity: 7/25/2013 3:07 PM
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