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Updated Polaris Draft RFP Sections

The Polaris team is pleased to share the updated draft of the solicitation submission instructions and evaluation criteria (Sections L and M). Substantial feedback was received to the draft RFP issued in December 2020. That feedback, along with recent customer and industry discussions, was used to make beneficial updates to the solicitation. The changes made will encourage maximum participation by small businesses, emphasize customer requirements, and reduce barriers to entry for small businesses.

Some of the most significant changes made to the solicitation based on industry feedback include:

  • Inclusion of a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) pool
  • Reduction of the minimum dollar thresholds for relevant experience
  • Reduction to the number of potential relevant experience project submissions
  • Revisions to clarify proposal requirements

We encourage interested parties to review these updated draft sections and provide any feedback using the attached "Polaris Draft RFP Response Template." We again want to emphasize that these documents are in “draft” form and are subject to change. We value and look forward to your input. Please note, referenced attachments are not included with this release.

As a reminder, this draft release is not a solicitation for Government services. GSA does not anticipate posting questions and responses or amendments to this draft as would occur with a formal RFP. No awards will be made from this draft release and any response is voluntary. Respondents are advised that the government will not pay for any information or administrative costs incurred in response to this draft solicitation; all costs associated with responding to this draft solicitation will be solely at the respondent’s expense. Not responding to this draft solicitation does not preclude participation in any future solicitation.  

Please submit your feedback to this draft solicitation to Polaris@gsa.gov, using the provided response template, by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on October 15, 2021.

We encourage you to continue monitoring this Interact page for further updates on the Polaris GWAC Program.

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PDF icon Polaris - Sept 2021 Draft Sections L and M573.55 KBPDF
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File Polaris Draft RFP Response Template10.88 KBXLSX

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Hello. We ask that the vendor community receive a preview of the attachments so we can prepare for the solicitation release prior to the actual release. As a small business we really need to start preparing to address all components of the response and the attachments are a critical part of our planning. Thank you.
Hello, All attachments will be include in the final RFP release. Thank you for your interest in Polaris.
The updated DRFP is very clear in the usage of Relevant Experience and how it can be used, however, the subject of certifications was not addressed. Will the Government allow a single CMMI LVL 3 certification, for example, to be used more than once in the same pool on different proposals? Same question goes for Approved Accounting System, Approved Purchasing System and ISO certifications.
Please provide all questions and comments to polaris@gsa.gov. We have gathered over 1,500 comments. We are reviewing this information to ensure the final RFP language is clear and concise.
At the Professional Services Council meeting October 14, 2021 GSA was asked a question could a offeror use the same corporate experience as a prime and a subcontractor in the same pool, GSA was unsure of the answer and said they need to publish a table of what teaming arrangements will be allowed and those that will not. They said they would publish it to this portal. When will that be published as the lack of clarity is preventing teaming discussions for this contract vehicle?
Please provide all questions and comments to polaris@gsa.gov. We have gathered over 1,500 comments. We are reviewing this information to ensure the RFP language is clear and concise.
Respectfully asked that the comment in Volume 4 of L. be clarified. The statement Volume 4 says a clearance must be in name of JV or all members of the JV. Based on assessment of the revised SBA rule, the member performing the work may hold the clearance. Suggest the requirement be changed to only one member of the JV must have the Facility Clearance for the points for the Scoring sheet. L. Vol 4. Any claimed clearance must be in the name of the joint venture itself or in the name of every member of the joint venture. Scoring will only be awarded for the clearance levels that are in the name of the joint venture itself or have been met/exceeded by all members SBA Facility Security Clearances The final rule recognized what has been a long-standing question for joint ventures – what entity needs to hold a facility security clearance? Unless the solicitation stated otherwise, the previous answer was that the joint venture entity would need to hold the clearance itself, even if all JV members had the required clearance. The amended regulation now recognizes that it is not always feasible or practical to require the joint venture entity to hold a facility clearance. The new rule provides that a joint venture may be awarded a contract requiring a facility security clearance whether either the joint venture itself or the individual JV member that will perform the necessary security work has a facility clearance. If the facility security clearance is required to perform the primary requirements of the contract, the managing venturer of the joint venture must possess the required clearance. However, if the need for the facility security clearance is ancillary to the principal purpose of the contract, only the JV member actually performing such work must hold the clearance.
Hello and thank you for your interest in Polaris. We are currently reviewing and assessing comments received from the draft release and will include your comment as well.
Would you also post a draft of Attachment J.P-2? It was provided in the initial DRAFT RFP either but is integral to a response.
Hello, All attachments will be include in the final RFP release. Thank you for your interest in Polaris.
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