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Industry Partners! OASIS SB 8(a) Industry Webinar Slides and Q&A Now Available



The presentation and questions and answers from the January 14, 2019, GSA Industry Partner Briefing to discuss the criteria for becoming an industry partner in the new 8(a) SB Sub-Pools are now available below.


The OASIS SB 8(a) subpool on-ramp is designed to increase industry access to GSA professional services Best-in-Class contracts and help agencies achieve Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandated government-wide Spend Under Management (SUM) goals.The on-ramp will also increase the industrial base to improve competition at the task order level.


Have additional questions about the OASIS SB 8(a) on-ramps? Email them to: oasisSB@gsa.gov


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RE: Answer to Q&A, Tracking #855. "...at least 50% of all projects submitted must have been performed by an 8(a) company...". Is the 50% measured by dollar size of projects submitted, or the numerical count of projects submitted, or some other metric? We recommend that GSA add a section to the scoresheet where offerors enter, calculate, and display compliance with this requirement. If not, GSA is left with the task of ascertaining compliance with the 50% requirement, which may delay awards. b) “…an 8(a) company” – does this mean a "similarly situated" *Small* 8(a) company?
Stephanie Kenitzer
GSA is still finalizing the details of this requirement, which will be reflected in the final RFP.