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<p><br type="_moz" />Agencies&nbsp;should&nbsp;understand how their current inventory corresponds to the top 100 CBSAs.&nbsp; Will GSA share the SWC-to-CBSA mapping that has been done for existing Networx inventory? Agencies also would benefit from the address-to-SWC mapping for their inventory, if it is possible for GSA to share it; however, Agences can determine that information more easily than the SWC-to-CBSA mapping.&nbsp; Thanks!</p>
<p>Slide 42 states &quot;Past Performance of subcontractors will not be accepted. Past performance for small business teaming arrangements and contractor teaming arrangements shall be accepted. Contractor Team Arrangements must be formed by joint venture or partnership with all parties acting as the <u>prime&quot;</u></p><p>Question: Does this mean that a Small Business prime contractor can use past performances of a subcontractor as long as a signed teaming agreement exists? Does this partner have to be a JV member or can it be a subcontractor? Does the subcontractor have to also be a small business in order for this to apply?&nbsp;</p>
The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More

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