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HCaTS Prime Contractor Experience


As of 04/20/2015 -- An updated blog post is available regarding this topic, please see this link.  


HCaTS Industry Partners,


Many of you have asked why are we only accepting Relevant Experience Projects and their respective past performance from Prime Contractors and not Subcontractors?  The answer is twofold.  


First, the Government awards contracts to Prime Contractors. For that reason, it does not have privity with the Prime Contractor’s Subcontractors.  Therefore, the Government can only evaluate, assess and document the Prime Contractor’s past performance and address performance issues with it.  There is no mechanism in place for us to clearly identify the performance of the Subcontractor versus that of the Prime Contractor.  For example, what if the Subcontractor claims it delivered everything on time to the Prime Contractor and exceeded expectations, while the Prime Contractor failed to meet the minimum standards as prescribed in its contract?  There is no clear way for us to know how well (or poorly) the Subcontractor did, other than reaching out to the Prime Contractor and looking at the contractual documents (which we won’t have access to).


Second, if we allowed both the Prime Contractor and Subcontractors to claim experience for the same projects, we would not be able to discern who performed what. Prime Contractors are responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of their contract and ensuring that their Subcontractors perform as required.  With that said, there is more onus on the Prime Contractor to ensure successful performance than there is on Subcontractors.  Furthermore, we know that if you are a small business you had to perform at least 51% of the work.  


To ensure Offerors have an opportunity to submit the minimum number of Relevant Experience Projects as prescribed in the Draft RFP, we will accept Relevant Experience Projects awarded to any non-Federal government entity. Remember, if you were a Subcontractor to a Prime Contractor awarded a Federal government contract or task order, you cannot claim this project as a Relevant Experience Project.


We hope that you’ll continue to submit your comments, questions, and feedback about this acquisition solution directly to hcatsquestions@gsa.gov. Feedback submitted by April 15th will be the primary focus of the HCaTS team.


We thank you for your continued participation in the HCaTS Draft RFP review process.


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<p>Good morning - According to a recent GovWin update, &quot;A Presolicitiation Conference remains scheduled to be held on or about May 14, 2015.&quot; Can the government please confirm if this is the case? If so, will the government please provide registration information for the conference, or when that registration information will be available? Thank you in advance.</p>
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