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What does "we're still building" even mean?

We're taking such a different approach with the Acquisition Gateway than "if you build it, they will come." We want you to help us build it so you will keep coming back!

What you see today is just the start. We've taken the first steps with eight (soon to be nine) category hallways. What you see in a month or six months will be different, depending on the expertise you contribute and the feedback you give.
We are a working example of the government's adoption of Agile. The Common Acquisition Platform (CAP) team follows the principles of frequent iterative feedback from across the government as we build using a collaborative and transparent process. We're approaching it from an absolutely unbiased perspective and we want to present all of government's advice and knowledge in a given market and allow you, the user, to make informed decisions and act with confidence.
That's why we say we're still building. And here are some ways you can become a builder:
  1. Join the conversation right here in Interact
  2. Log in to the Acquisition Gateway and click on Connect and Contribute to share your experience
  3. Comment on expert articles in one of the category hallways
  4. Sign up for usability testing by emailing: hallways_site_manager@gsa.gov
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Anne Laurent
<p>Might there be a way to open the Gateway to the public and companies while keeping the procurment-sensitive portions closed? There is growing interest in the Gateway in the federal market and beyond and perhaps some trepidation as well. It is extreely frustrating to hear continual references to how great it is and how innovative, but never to be able to see it! Many thanks! Anne</p>
Brad Powers
<p>Hi Anne -&nbsp;</p><p>Thanks for the comment. &nbsp;It was great to meet you at the ACT-IAC event a couple weeks ago. &nbsp;You make an excellent point and we&#39;re working hard to make the site more transparent. &nbsp;The CAP team has committed to creating the kind of role specific authentication you are asking about by the end of this calendar year. &nbsp;As much as we all understand the need for security, particularly for sensitive pricing, source selection or proprietary information, it is frustrating for even the CAP team because probably 99% of the current content is suitable for public viewing. &nbsp;We are also strong proponents of open government but the reality is that we have other priorities in the short term. &nbsp;In particular, we&#39;re in the process of standing up 8 more Hallways in addition to the 9 already on the Acquisition Gateway and hope to have all of them active by the end of June. &nbsp;If you have any ideas on how we can demystify the process in the interim, please let us know.</p><p>-Brad</p>
  The Acquisition Gateway is a resource hub for acquisition professionals and government buying offices across agencies to share information and best... More

Build the Gateway With Us! We're looking for your input & discussion as we post future feature concepts and designs to our Interact community. Email hallways_contribute@gsa.gov to set up a one-on-one feedback session, and check back often for polls and new sets of questions form our product team.

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