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Regional OSBU Offices Soon to Join Interact

On Tuesday, April 5th I sent a message to our Regional Small Business Utilization Centers to invite them to participate in the "Small Business Solutions" Group on Interact.  We have 11 regional offices that are comprised of almost 30 employees across the nation.  These offices have such a wealth of information to share that include procurement opportunities, couseling, training and education for small business as well as policy and other interesting informaiton to help you grow.  As we expand our outreach through Interact make sure to provide feedback as to what is helpful and any new challenges we can help you overcome.  We know that the more we give the more successful you become.  We look forward to partnering with you and making a difference.

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<p>Buckinghams</p><p>Thanks for joining us - the discussions vary depending on the questions.&nbsp; Both government and business are providing questions and answers.&nbsp; This post was designed to let our members know that the Regional Office&#39;s of Small Business Utilization have joined this platform to contribute their expertise in both answers and&nbsp;questions.&nbsp; When the conversation is indented it is usually a direct reply where conversations that are flush left are new or neutral comments.</p><p>I&#39;m glad you have joined us.&nbsp; Please post questions and comments so that&nbsp;we can give you feedback.</p>
<p>Hello Small Business Community,</p><p>We have just updated our site to include a short cust to some marketing materials and other resources.&nbsp; Please visit <a href="http://www.gsa.gov/smallbizguide">www.gsa.gov/smallbizguide</a> to download the latest &quot;Doing Business with GSA&quot; publication, watch the forecast video and soon to come will be program fact sheets and more.</p>
<p>I know there was a request for a digital download to help small business work with our agency.&nbsp; Go to www.gsa.gov/smallbizguide for the 2011 Doing Business with GSA!</p>
<p>Betty - thanks for the input on finding info on USA.Gov.&nbsp; It is a trusted source of information that spands througout the government agencies.&nbsp; Also for finding your OSDBU Director in other agencies check out <a href="http://www.osdbu.gov/members.html">http://www.osdbu.gov/members.html</a>.&nbsp; There is so much free information out there.&nbsp; We hope to bring more your way by the time we get to EXPO.&nbsp; A new website, updated publications, updated training and more.</p>
Jim O.
<p>Interact may rival Twitter and Facebook for conversational topics related to doing business with Federal Agencies in general and GSA in particular.</p>
Charley Schollaert
<p>&nbsp;Thanks for the comment, Jim. We certainly hope so!</p>
<p>I found this information on <a href="http://www.usa.gov">www.usa.gov</a>&nbsp; by inputting OSBU office for North Carolina</p><p>&nbsp;</p><table cellspacing="0" class="results"><tbody><tr class="even"><td><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><span class="name">Rebecca Vanover</span><br /><span>SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST</span><br /><span>Room 600</span><br /><span class="address">77 FORSYTH ST<br />Atlanta , GA 30303-0000 </span></p></td><td class="message"><span><strong>Phone: </strong>(404) 331-3374</span><br /><span><strong>Fax: </strong>(404) 331-1721</span><br /><span><strong>Cell: </strong>(404) 218-4093</span><br /><span><strong>Email: </strong><a class="email" href="mailto:rebecca.vanover@gsa.gov">rebecca.vanover@gsa.gov </a></span></td><td id="message"><ul type="circle">AL , FL , GA , KY , MS , NC , SC , TN</ul></td><td id="message"><ul type="circle"><li><span>General Services Administration </span></li></ul></td></tr></tbody></table>
<p>Hi Vicki - we have a website just for people looking to find their OSBU office.&nbsp; Please visit <a href="http://www.gsa.gov/smallbizsupport">www.gsa.gov/smallbizsupport</a> is the link.&nbsp; You can search by your location and you are provided each representative in that area if there are more than one.&nbsp; I hope this helps.</p><p>Chris</p>
Vickie Erickson
<p>Hello,&nbsp;</p><p>I am interested in finding out where our Regional OSBU office would be located and contact information. We are a small business consulting firm in North Carolina. Would you be able to direct me to our regional OSBU office?&nbsp;</p><p>Thank you,&nbsp;</p><p>Vickie Erickson</p><p>www.iplqi.com</p>
Office of Small Business Utilization Welcome to GSA’s Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) "Small Business Solutions" group.  We are advocates... More
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