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Discussion | Tell us about what type and ways you have collected BMO-centric data

Q: What type(s) of data should the government be monitoring or capturing concerning BMO services? As a member of the BMO industry, how have you previously gone about collecting these types of data for past government or commercial customers?  

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<p>It is wonderful to collect data of all sorts. &nbsp;However, we have discovered that most GSA buildings do not even know what blueprints or building plans they have. &nbsp;The push to digitize and organize that information has been deemed as too expensive, not important or not necessary. &nbsp; It is critical to have an organized digital library for all of GSA&#39;s buildings. &nbsp;The information can be shared with Washington, as well as each building having its own document library. &nbsp;It is critical to digitize old and historic building records such as blueprints because if they remain in a paper format, they are at risk of being damaged or lost every day. &nbsp;</p><p>My suggestion is to require each building manager to gather up all of their building information and organize it. &nbsp;The first steps in digitizing the documents is organizing the paper first. &nbsp;Seperate out duplications, merge sets back together, create a database or an index of what you have. &nbsp;Then you can digitize the information and we recommend scanning to multi-page PDFs. &nbsp;Keep each set of prints as one document. &nbsp;Finally, merge any recent information that is already in a digital format into the library. &nbsp;Lastly, scan O&amp;M manuals and specification books to complete the library. &nbsp;</p><p>By having a well-organized library in each building, enormous amounts of time is saved. &nbsp;Information can be shared among many people such as engineering departments, maintenance and operations staff, contractors, etc. &nbsp;</p><p>For more information, please see our website: www.archscan.com</p><p>Vivica Williams, Account Executive, archSCAN</p>
<p>I suggest a Cost-Benefit Analysis which will gather data on the Economic &amp; Social Costs of Job Los</p><p>Prof. Samuel D. Bornstein</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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