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New Initiative Benefits Customer While Increasing Transparency and Competition

Contracts Online, the new GSA Schedules initiative designed to capture clause exception(s) from existing contract holders, achieves greater transparency and maximizes competition by providing customers with contractors’ Terms and Conditions within GSA Schedules.

This electronic resource tool captures and regularly modifies contract terms and conditions to keep them updated across each Schedule, and displays information electronically on the GSA e-Library for customers to consider when establishing Blanket Purchase Agreements or placing task and delivery orders against Schedule contracts. It should be noted that contracts with exceptions may contain less favorable terms and conditions which should always be considered when evaluating a vendor proposal. Through Contracts Online, the Federal Acquisition Service builds upon its commitment to customers’ success by providing a contractor’s contract terms and conditions to conduct an effective acquisition. You may go to GSA eLibrary and perform a search for keywords, contract numbers, contractor/manufacturer name, Schedule name, and more to view the latest contract award information. Access contract clauses via the “View Contract Clauses” button on any eLibrary Schedule page (see screenshot illustration). Note: For a more detailed step-by-step process read 'dwclemens' Comment Post, "Selecting 'Contract Terms & Conditions' at eLibrary => Pricelist".

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To learn more about Contracts Online be sure to listen to the Federal Acquisition Service’s Office of Acquisition Management audio interview.

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<p>Hi Mr. Clemens: Thanks for your detailed clarification on accessing contract clauses. At this point in time the &ldquo;Contract Terms and Conditions&rdquo; column points to information uploaded by the vendor via a text file. You are correct that the proper way to access contract clauses is via the &ldquo;View Contract Clauses&rdquo; on the particular eLibrary Schedule page. I am going to amend the graphic to more clearly illustrate this and refer to your comment posting for detailed steps. I appreciate your detailed critique, as your feedback serves to improve the quality of our communications to the GSA customer.</p><p>p.s. &ndash; You may be interested in joining one of our Discussions. I&nbsp;am going to post an&nbsp;initial pilot discussion, titled, &ldquo;Establishing Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) under GSA Schedule Contracts.&rdquo; I&#39;m curious to see what dialogue can be generated among customers and vendors on the topic of BPAs. Your input, of course, would be greatly appreciated.</p>
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