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Federal Non Contract Sales Reporting

To gain more insight and visibility into spending habits, many Agencies have expressed a desire to capture transaction data for all Federal sales by OS3 contractors, including non-OS3 (open-market or other contract vehicle) sales. What impact and/or burden would this pose on meeting reporting requirements and to what extent would this requirement affect the competitiveness of OS3 pricing?  For example, are separate business systems (accounting/logistics) maintained for each contract vehicle or are all orders integrated in a centralized system that would allow consolidated reporting with minimal additional effort? Please share your thoughts with us.


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<p><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">We appreciate your inquiry. Reporting data, sales and discount transaction requirements enable GSA to identify trends in types of office supplies government purchases and spend by agency at both macro and micro levels. Can you provide us with an approximate estimate of the increased overhead costs or identify specific reporting requirements which are cost drivers compared to standard commercial practice reporting?</span></p>
<p>with the GSA looking for best possible price the added reporting requirements will definitely add overhead cost to small business because this is way more detailed info then general report templates therefore it will reflect back on the bottom line item pricing,&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>With regards to reporting, GSA desires contractors to provide the Agency and sub-agency at the sku level for each order.&nbsp; That said, is GSA adding these attributes to GSAadvantage and DOD Emall during the ordering process?&nbsp; Is this already available or is GSA pursuing this functionality?</p>
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