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FSSI OS3 Industry Day Official Transcript

Greetings OS Community and again thank you for your participation during FSSI OS3 Industry Day held on August 6, 2013! The official transcript of the proceedings is attached along with the a supplemental glossary to explain any unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations for your information.

Please  note, the individual visitors during Industry Day did not expressly authorize disclosure of their contact information therefore we are unable to release the attendance contact list.

Thank you for your continued interest.


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<p>GSA is researching the ability and logistics to post audio files. The&nbsp;WebEx meeting software was utilized to assist during the Industry Day&nbsp;presentation. The Level III data currently required in OS2 was explained in the transcripts column by column<br /> and posted in the Industry Day Attachment, starting on Page 6.<br /><br /> For your reference Level III Reporting Capabilities:</p><p style="margin-left:.5in;"><strong>Level III Reporting Capabilities</strong><br /><br />Contractor must have the capability to capture and provide Level III<br /> data at point of sale (sales data at line-item level) from its order processor (e.g., merchant<br /> bank). All Level III data must also be available for reporting to the Government.<br /> At a minimum, fields must include:<br /> &bull; Unit cost,<br /> &bull; Quantities,<br /> &bull; Unit of measure,<br /> &bull; Manufacturer&rsquo;s name,<br /> &bull; Manufacturer&rsquo;s part number,<br /> &bull; Product codes,<br /> &bull; Product descriptions,<br /> &bull; Ship-to zip code,<br /> &bull; Ship-from zip code,<br /> &bull; Freight amount,<br /> &bull; Order date,<br /> &bull; Discount amount,<br /> &bull; Order number,<br /> &bull; Debit/credit indicator,<br /> &bull; Total purchase amount,<br /> &bull; Payment date,<br /> &bull; Merchant&rsquo;s name, city, and state,<br /> &bull; Date contractor processed the charge/credit,<br /> &bull; Contractor processing/transaction reference number for each charge/credit,<br /> &bull; Merchant category code,<br /> &bull; Merchant business code,<br /> &bull; Merchant taxpayer identification number (TIN),<br /> &bull; Minority/women-owned, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business<br /> codes,<br /> &bull; 1099 status and merchant zip code,<br /> &bull; Transaction number, and<br /> &bull; Customer.<br /><br /> Contractor must have the capability to provide this data and any reports in XML<br /> format or in standard Microsoft Office document formats as determined by the<br /> Contracting Officer, Program/Project Officer, or designee(s). The Government<br /> may change submittal procedures from time to time, at no additional charge.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><br /><!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><br /><!--[endif]--></p>
Louie Drossel
<p>Thanks for the transcript. It&#39;s 130 pages long. Will the WebEx audio be made available.</p><p>Also, there was a comment made by one of the panelists that the audience would be receiving a list of the current OS2 Level # data requirements? Where can I get that?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Thx</p>
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