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OS3 In-scope Item Expansion

In OS2, basic office supply items such as pens, paper, toner cartridges, staples, etc. are considered in-scope.  For OS3, should we expand the scope to include small "stand alone" office furniture items such as tables and chairs not part of integrated  or modular furniture systems? 
Furthermore, should "plug-in" IT transactional purchases such as printers, monitors, keyboards and hardware items be included in the in-scope expansion?
We would like to hear from you on this interesting topic. Please share your thoughts with us. Thanks!

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<p>Only if OS3 is open to new contractors.&nbsp; OS2 continued from an option period of OS1 and OS2 appears to be heading in the same direction (please correct me if I am wrong).&nbsp; The FSSI OS program has been a point of pride for GSA, but it is a restrictive barrier to entry for vendors outside of the 15 currently awarded.&nbsp;&nbsp; Some vendors have had to expand their scope of products outside of standard office supplies to find a market; expanding the scope without first opening the FSSI to more vendors would only further limit their ability - in particular, IT hardware and furniture vendors that are not on the Office Supply schedule.&nbsp; Hopefully, I am wrong and the OS3 will be re-bid and open to new vendors.&nbsp; Please let me know.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Yes it makes sense to adjust the scope to&nbsp;include the listed items&nbsp;in FSSI OS3 .</p>
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