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Procuring Office Supplies OCONUS

For the upcoming OS3 program, how should GSA procure office supplies Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS)? Should we ship directly from the U.S. or should we look into buying from overseas (local) suppliers? Your opinion counts, please share your suggestions with us. Thanks!

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<p><b style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">Thank you for sharing your comment. &nbsp;Yes, we must follow the FAR in creating a solution for our customers. &nbsp;We are considering all options and will continue to solicit feedback.</b></p>
<p>It is good to hear that this question has been raised.&nbsp; It occurs to me that this question raises other questions that need to be answered first.<span id="cke_bm_29S" style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; Will overseas customer be required to adhere to the FAR?&nbsp; The answer to that question is vital to anyone responding to this query from GSA.&nbsp; Please consider the following.&nbsp; Local foreign suppliers will not have access to AbilityOne products (unless these items are exported), and access to Trade Agreement compliant products might be challenging.&nbsp; With the economy still sputtering, and many AbilityOne non-profits already being forced to reductions in force, buying the products from foreign (local suppliers) might create even more challenges for the non-profit agencies.&nbsp; I look forward to your answer and will be happy to follow up</p>
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