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Updates on the Mentor Protege Program

The GSA Mentor Protege Program is designed to encourage and motivate GSA prime contractors to assist small businesses and enhance their capability of performing successfully on GSA prime contracts and subcontracts. The program is intended to foster the establishment of long-term relationships between small businesses and GSA prime contractors and increase the overall number of small businesses that receive GSA prime contract and subcontract awards. 

Since the program’s inception in FY 2009, the number of Mentor-Protégé Program relationships/agreements continues to expand and mature. Program participation has increased with 18 new agreements in 2012 making for a total of 118 active Mentor-Protégé Program agreements in place.  In addition to new participants, we also have had 5 protegees successfully graduate from the program.

The GSA Mentor-Protégé Program has a wide diversity of small business participation. Currently, program protégé participants include: 10 small businesses, 38 small disadvantaged businesses, 35 women-owned small businesses, 3 veteran-owned small businesses, 54 service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, and 12 HUBZone small businesses. Program participants cover a wide spectrum of industries, from professional services and construction to facilities support services and furniture services.

Protégés have reported more than 40 new prime contracts won as a result of assistance received from their Mentors and more than 50 new subcontract opportunities from their Mentors. We have Mentor-Protégé Program agreements are in place throughout all of the GSA Regions.  To learn more about this program please visit www.gsa.gov/mentorprotege


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<p>Thank you for posting this.&nbsp;</p><p>We&#39;re a plumbing and heating operation that would qualify as a protege and we could really use help navigating the bid submission process.&nbsp;</p><p>We welcome messages from potential mentors interested in working with us, we&#39;re a small business currently applying to HUBZone status based in Staten Island, NY.&nbsp;</p><p>We&#39;d like to form subcontractor-to-contractor relationships for local, state and federal projects.&nbsp;</p>
<p>What has been the impact of the cutback in Government Spending on&nbsp;small Businesses that are on the GSA Schedule?&nbsp; What has been GSA&#39;s role&nbsp;in&nbsp;the process of deciding which firm&#39;s have their Schedule Task Orders terminated?&nbsp; How many of the firms that have lost work&nbsp;because of the&nbsp;Government&#39; decision to reduce spending have declared bankrupcy?&nbsp; What can we do, through the GSA Schedule Mentor-Protege&nbsp;program or other programs, to help these, bankrupt, firms???,.&nbsp; Anyone&nbsp;have any ideas??&nbsp;</p>
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