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Industry One-on-One Sessions Coming Soon! - April 1, 2013

Hello everyone,  Last Thursday, the OASIS team released the draft RFPs for Industry review and collaboration. We have received a significant number of requests for additional one-on-one sessions.

Keeping with our commitment to transparency in the process, and with the strong desire to gather detailed feedback and make the solicitations as high quality as possible, the OASIS Program Office will host additional one-on-one sessions. Industry Day is scheduled for May 13; one-on-one sessions will be held in the four days following.

At this time, we are allowing Industry 30 days to submit questions in response to the draft RFPs; the OASIS team will provide weekly answers to those questions in a written format on Interact.  Industry Day will be held after we provide our written answers; as noted in an earlier blog, we will record the session so that everyone who cannot attend can watch at a later time.

We anticipate that there will be a significant number of one-on-one sessions.  In order to conduct these sessions effectively, however, the OASIS team needs industry’s cooperation in adhering to some basic principles:

1.  Both the government and industry partner will communicate with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.  

2.  The focus and intent of the sessions is to allow the Industry community to share with the OASIS team what they feel are the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern about the solicitations. The OASIS team fully expects that all answers will have been provided prior to the one-on-one sessions.  The one-on-one sessions are about feedback, not questions. The Q&A, as well as Industry Day, are about answering questions and increasing understanding of the solicitations.  All one-on-one discussion should be within the context of what is best for OASIS clients, not just what might enhance your individual company’s chance of winning an OASIS award.

3.  We ask that companies only request a one-on-one session if they plan to compete as an OASIS or an OASIS SB prime contractor.

4.  We are also asking that when it comes time to sign-up, please note that Tuesday’s sessions will be reserved for out-of-town industry partners who have traveled to DC to attend Monday’s Industry Day session and are staying over specifically to attend a one-on-one session.

5.  Participation in a one-on-one is not mandatory and has no bearing on whether or not your company receives an OASIS award.  Time and resources are limited, so please do not request a session just for the sake of meeting face to face.

Similar to our first round of one-on-ones, we will issue a list of ground rules, requirements, and timelines that will apply to the one-on-one sessions. Also similar to our first round, we anticipate asking for a “white paper” from each industry partner desiring a session which will be marked and treated as proprietary.  This white paper should identify the industry partner’s opinion on what the key strengths, weaknesses, and issues are with the solicitations. This will shape and guide the discussion during the session.  Industry partners are encouraged to submit specific questions about clarification of language or specific terms and conditions to the OASIS email box prior to the one-on-one sessions.

More details will follow, so stay tuned!  Feel free to share your thoughts below or you can always contact the team with questions or comments at oasis@gsa.gov.


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<p>As a person who has defended GSA and their government-wide contract vehicles in hostile fora for years, I feel very disappointed and betrayed by the OASIS draft.&nbsp; It seems as though GSA has thrown away all their best practices in government-wide contracting and issued another one of those dime-a-dozen agency MACs laden with all sorts of pointless bells and whistles, while leaving out the elements that matter. I believe Alliant was an elegant synthesis of best practices in government-wide acquisition. GSA had it down! Unfortunately, it seems the new GSA leadership is oblivious to the great success of that vehicle and wants to cater to the lowest common denominator input.&nbsp; Maybe they ran too many surveys. Imagine if NASA ran a survey on how to get to the moon and everyone&#39;s answer was taken as equal whether they were a rocket scientist, or a KGB agent who wanted NASA to fail, or people who believed NASA should really just get to Kansas in a helicopter. Perhaps GSA really can&#39;t remember anything about Alliant other than it got protested and so they decided to build a vehicle that will be hard to protest. But what sort of mess will they have after awards (and protests) are done? What is the point of pools when the point was supposed to be integration? Do they really think the arbitrary qualifications for key personnel and firms will add value to the program?&nbsp; Really? Have a look at the very best government-wide vendors by GSA&#39;s own standard.&nbsp; Could any of them qualify by these arbitrarily tight standards? Do these evaluation factors have anything to do with what&#39;s good for a government-wide program, GSA, and the taxpayer? Does it really not matter if a firm can show it knows how to make a government-wide vehicle accessible throughout its entire enterprise?&nbsp; Is there already not enough confusion between task order and contract vehicle? This contract may or may not be easier to award than Alliant. But it will likely roll just like a cube after that.&nbsp; Or maybe like a pyramid. Thanks for the Due Diligence, but I can&#39;t see GSA&nbsp; getting its Alliant mojo back for all the same reasons they produced this mess.</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p><b id="internal-source-marker_0.47237081988714635" style="font-weight: normal;"><span style="font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Thank you for your feedback and your obvious passion for GSA and its mission. &nbsp;I would request that you use the Attachment in the draft RFPs to provide your specific feedback so that we can make any needed adjustments.</span></b></p><p>Jim</p>
<p>&nbsp;Jim,&nbsp;thanks for getting the draft RFP released.&nbsp; The package is quite clear and well thought out.&nbsp; Regarding the Industry Day on&nbsp;May 13th; can you provide logistical information at this time (e.g., time and location)?&nbsp; Thanks!!&nbsp; John</p>
OASIS Blogger
<p dir="ltr" id="internal-source-marker_0.5614169439635242" style="margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt;"><span style="font-size:13px;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-weight:normal;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;">Hi John, thank you for your feedback on the draft RFP. In response to your question, please continue monitoring this blog for forthcoming information regarding logistical information. We will be posting that information shortly. Jim</span></p>
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