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How do you look up awarded contracts in FBO.gov?

I requested the contract for an incumbent service provider and the USMS responded to the FOIA request with,"Look it up on FBO.gov," essentially. How do you look up post award contracts on FBO.gov? And are all contracts awarded archived there?


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<p>The proposal submitted by a company that resulted in a contract award (as well as those not receiving awards) is considered proprietary information and not releasable by the government even through FOIA. There have been times over the years where that information was released, but it is not typical. You can submit a FOIA request to ask for it, but be prepared that you may not receive it.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contract documents are often released through FOIA, but may be redacted. When submitting a request, be specific about what you want. Include the contract number, awardee name, and name of program as well as the specific documents you want to receive. Include the amount you are willing to pay to obtain this information &ndash; sometimes the fees get very high if it requires legal review, and it may not be worth pursing.</p>
<p>Hello Eric:</p><p>Here is step by step for finding awards in FBO. There are other suggestions I would provide, but I&#39;d need to know more information about what you are looking for. Additionally, in my experience, just because a contracting official tells you to find the award information in FBO does not mean it is there. Especially if that award is off a GSA Schedule.</p><p>a) In FBO, go to the &quot;Advanced Search&quot; tab</p><p>b) Under &quot;Documents to Search&quot; select &quot;Both&quot;</p><p>c) Under &quot;Opportunity/Procurement Type&quot; check &quot;Award Notice&quot;</p><p>d) Under &quot;Agency/Office/Locations&quot; select &quot;Specific Agency/Office/Locations</p><p>e) Type &quot;Marshal&quot; in the &quot;Specific Agencies/Offices&quot; box</p><p>f) Select &quot;Department of Justice/United States Marshals Service&quot;</p><p>g) Under &quot;Keywords or SOL #&quot; type a unique keyword associated with that project. For example, if project was for &quot;Towing, Storage, Maintenance and Disposal of seized/forfeited vehicles in the District of Nevada,&quot; I would probably type &quot;Towing&quot;</p><p>h) Hit &quot;Enter&quot; on your keyboard or scroll up/down and click the &quot;Search&quot; button</p><p>Browse through results to identify the project you are looking for. I recommend starting with a broader search like one above and than narrowing if needed.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>I am the Director of Research at my company and I am very good at identifying award information. If you are not finding it on FBO, I may be able to help you, with some additional details about the project.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Kathleen Sievers</p><p>Senior Director of Market Research</p><p>Centurion Research Solutions</p>
<p>When I found the award I was looking for nothing was there. There was a link to &quot;get more details&quot; and it said that the information is no&nbsp;longer available.</p><p>I used my new found skill (thanks) to search another contract award to no avail. I can see a service provider for my local VA from my office so I know who they are but there seems to be no record of the contract in FBO. I search FPDS and find several awards but the contracting office for the DVA is not listed in the drop down so I dont know if that is throwing my search off. I search for an award including NAICS, POP, &nbsp;even a contract number I got from FPDS and nothing.</p><p>I am looking for specifics. I want to see the proposal that was submitted to the contracting officer, how do I get that?</p>
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