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Economic Price Adjustments - requirements

My company is a schedule 51V contract holder.  I have been attempting for a while now to submit an economic price adjustment (increase).  Everytime it is rejected, it is for a different reason.  That in itself has been very frustrating.  It seems like an incredible waste of resources from all aspects to reject based on the first mistake as opposed to reviewing the whole modification.

My current issue is that I've been told that I must supply 20-25 invoices to reflect the increases.  The manufacturer has increased our price and we don't have the quantity of invoices to meet the requirement. Some items have yet to be sold at the new price.  We are trying to stay ahead of the game before we lose money on items that may be purchased against our contract.  I can not seem to get an answer as to if there is some alternative to the 20-25 invoice requirement; such as proof from the manufacturer.

This same situation applies to a new product we are trying to add..... we haven't sold any, but government agencies need it.  We would like to add to the contract, but don't have the supporting 20-25 invoices.

I'm still getting my feet wet with this portion of my job, but it's very difficult trying to find the assistance I need to move forward.

Any thoughts, advice, direction?

Anything is appreciated!


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patti reardon
<p>GSA has been progressively requiring more invoice information to get any type of add or escalation.&nbsp; I had one company tell me that they could not get a product&nbsp;added to the&nbsp;GSA schedule because they&nbsp;offered quantity discounts and they did not have invoices for the higher quantity sales with the higher discounts.&nbsp; They could support the higher priced, lower quantity sales but GSA still would not allow the addition. Some CO&#39;s and groups are easier to work with than others.&nbsp; I did have a reseller who could not give an invoice but the CO allowed they to get the invoice from the manufacturer to support an addition.&nbsp;</p><p>You may want to start complaining higher up to GSA policy or the GSA Director level.&nbsp; This is happening to everyone and it particularly hurts small businesses who don&#39;t have the volume of sales.&nbsp; Until enough people complain nothing will be done.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Have you supplied a new commercial pricelist to the Govenment?&nbsp; You may want to provide the Government with invoices prior to the price increase, commercial increase notifications from the manufacturer, and your new commercial pricelist, add in BLS Table 3 showing the price escalations for various NAICS codes for the next 10 years.</p><p>Hope this helps.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Hello Stephanie,</p><p>I sympathize with your situation. I wrote a little on the subject some time ago on my blog, but it wasn&#39;t direct enough, so I wrote more today addressing your specific situation. Here is the Blogpost:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.gsascheduleservices.com/blog/price-escalation-and-your-gsa-contract/">Price Escalation and Your GSA Contract</a></p><p>Your updated information is the second half of the post. I hope this helps, and wish you the best.</p><p>Josh Ladick<br /><a href="http://gsascheduleservices.com">GSA Focus, Inc.</a></p>
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