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Crtical Marketing Information needed

A major flaw in the GSA MAS solicitation is nowhere in the body of the document does it give any marketing  advice to a new contractor as how they could market their contract.  After the solicitation turns into a contract most new contractors say to themselves or to colleagues now what do I do with it?

Until there is marketing help listed within each new GSA solicitation, the mortality rate of losing new contractors in the first two years of their contract will cotinue to grow and cost the Federal Government multiples thousands of dollars per failed contract.

With the governments imposed spending contraints this is one area that needs shoring up or the thousands of dollars per contract with continue to bleed out.


Submitted by Marvin Steinlauf, Vice President Sales All Foam Products Co.  A GSA Csontractor for 9 years. Certified Woman Owned Small business    Contract number GS-96F-0043N    Expires: 04/09/13  Web sitre:  www.allfoam.com

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<p>Hello Everyone, I can help you market your business and awards.&nbsp; I am Angela Boone, owner of &ldquo;The Outer Court News.&nbsp; I was in the construction industry for over 20 years, as the owner of my own construction firm. Now I help other business owners get their information out.&nbsp;</p><p>As a Marketing Consultant and business development professional, I have over 20 years of marketing management experience and resourceful insight in strategic marketing methodologie.&nbsp;&nbsp; Having a strong background in creating and utilizing a variety of direct response advertising materials, I am certain that my skills and experience, when associated with the vision of your company, will serve to create spectacular, profitable results.</p><p>Business development, marketing and sales were a primary function during my employment experience.&nbsp; I was consistently energized by opportunities in overcoming promotional boundaries as I continue to ensure that the business received the best representation in achieving new customer&rsquo;s acquisition, repeat business, and solicitation of contract awards, while creating brand awareness through direct marketing efforts.&nbsp;</p><p>I present a solid entrepreneurial spirit to business initiatives. I have been cited for insight and creativity. Emphasis has always been placed on creating and maintaining the highest standards of community service and public relations.</p><p>About Angela Boone</p><p>Boone is a successful entrepreneur whose construction firm, Boone Management, completed school renovations at Howe Elementary as part of Detroit Public Schools&#39; $1.5 billion capital improvement program. &nbsp;</p><p>Boone is an award-winning self-published author and the publisher of The Outer Court News, an online and print newspaper.&nbsp; Boone is a lecturer and motivational speaker who has been featured in publications such as <em>Essence Magazine, Essence Special Edition, The Detroit News </em>and <em>Detroit Free Press, Crain&#39;s Detroit Business </em>and <em>The Michigan Chronicle.</em> She has also been featured on radio stations and print magazines in London, England, New York, Florida, and California.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Hi Marvin, you are correct, the solicitation does not provide guidance. &nbsp;However, many companies use the Vendor Support Center as a valuable too. The government marketplace section has great info and links.&nbsp;<a href="https://vsc.gsa.gov/common/modules/display/templates/sub_govm.cfm">https://vsc.gsa.gov/common/modules/display/templates/sub_govm.cfm</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;Also GSA has provided a GSA MarkeTips that provides key info for companies to market their GSA. &nbsp;Unfortunately, many companies just receive a Schedule and then wait for the govnerment to come to them. &nbsp;Deciding to go after a Schedule has a cricitical element most forget, and that is asking &quot;Once we get this, do we have the resources to market and manage it?&quot;. &nbsp;</p>
<p>I&#39;ve had numerous GSA contracts awarded, and every time,GSA has included the subject documentation via a link or hard-copy.&nbsp; Inside this documenation, it has a whole section divoted to&nbsp;marketing your newly awarded GSA schedule.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
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