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FSS competition

If a solicitation is reserved for Federal Supply Schedule vendors must be the solicitation  be restricted to only one Federal Supply Group (for example, Group 70 only, MOBIS only, etc.)?  Or can solicitations allow any Federal Supply Schedule contractor to quote using their federal supply schedule, not matter what FSG they are in?  Where is this written in regulation or guidance? 

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<p>&nbsp;MAS schedules are covered by FAR Part 8 .4 and those requiring a SOW follow 8.405-2... &nbsp;There is nothing in there, I believe, that ever limits competition to one schedule or one SIN - however a CO may do this.. I have seen SOWs sent to various vendors under various Schedules &nbsp;if they happen to provide the service required. &nbsp;The minimum number of potential offerors is stated in FAR however.. &nbsp;Limited sources must be justified under 8.405-6... Take a look! &nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>Thank you for attempting to answer the question. Unfortunately, this does not address all of the concerns.&nbsp; In many cases, more than one schedule group covers the requirements.&nbsp; Therefore, my quesiton is this, because contractors continually ask our contracting office if we are limiting competition to one group.&nbsp; We do not see a reason to do so if it appears that more than one schedule will cover the requirement.&nbsp; MUST solicitations be limited to only one group?&nbsp; Or can solicitations allow any Federal Supply Schedule contractor to quote using their federal supply schedule, not matter what FSG they are in?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;So in those cases, has GSA posted any written guidance or instruction on whether contracting offices do or do not limit competition to one or more groups? And if so, where can this instruction be found?&nbsp; Is this written anywhere in regulation?</p><p>(opinions are always helpful, but we rely specifically on written guidance in contracting, and as you know, there&#39;s tons of it!&nbsp; Our GC wants to see things in writing).</p>
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<p>Contractors that are eligible to respond to a Schedule requirement are those whose Schedule contracts cover the scope of the requirement. So for example, if the RFQ is covered by the scope of Schedule 70, only Schedule 70 contractors would be eligible to submit a quote. Sometimes the scope of a requirement reflects a single Special Item Number (SIN) within a Schedule; in these cases, only those Schedule contractors awarded that SIN would be eligible to submit a quote.&nbsp;</p>
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