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Your Step-By-Step Guide For A Smooth FAS Sales Reporting Transition

We have some important information for everyone with a contract(s) in the soon to be sunsetted 72A Reporting System.

As you know, this legacy system will soon shut down, with current users transitioning to the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP). Effective July 2019, your company will report sales and remit any owed Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) in the new FAS SRP. This is a reporting system transition and requires no changes to the terms and conditions of your contract. Note: Contracts with active claims will not be transitioned out of 72A at this time.

There are three steps to this transition and it is very important that you carry out each one as outlined below. Please pay careful attention to the following information and associated contractor action as each step in the process directly impacts when and where your company reports sales over the next two reporting periods and also the migration of historical sales data.



Step 1: Reporting your April 2019 sales and remitting any IFF in the 72A System


When: April 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019

Contractor Action: Your company is now in the reporting period that covers January 2019 thru March 2019 (Q2). This is the last time you will report sales and remit IFF, in April 2019, in the legacy 72A System.

Change: None. It’s business as usual. There is no change to the current reporting process for FY19 Q2 reporting.

Impact: This will be the final time your company reports in 72A and all future reporting will be in the FAS SRP.



Step 2: Transition to the FAS Sales Reporting Portal


When: Starting May 1, 2019

Contractor Action: Your contract will not be visible in the new system until May 1, 2019. After May 1, 2019, go to the FAS SRP website and register for the required multi-factor authentication process. The system will automatically walk you through the registration process. Anyone listed on the contract as an IFF POC, Contract Administrator, or Authorized Negotiator can register for access into the FAS SRP. No digital certification will be required to gain access into the portal. Registration can take place anytime between May 1, 2019 and the first time you report sales in the FAS SRP.

Change: Your contract will be moved over to the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP).

Impact: Effective July 2019, your company can only report sales and remit any owed IFF in the FAS SRP. This will cover the reporting period of April 2019 thru June 2019.



Step 3: Migration of Historical Data from 72A to the FAS SRP System


Contractor Action: None.

Change: Once April 2019 sales and IFF have been reported into the 72a System, GSA will migrate all historical sales and payment records into the FAS SRP.

Impact: All historical records will be kept inside the FAS SRP. This will allow us to keep a complete history of the sales reported and IFF remitted for the life of the contract.




Additional Note Regarding Sales Adjustments:

Beginning April 1, 2019, sales adjustments will no longer be allowed in 72A. All sales adjustments required on or after April 1, 2019 must be submitted in the FAS SRP after the historical data migration.

Please direct any questions about the sunsetting of 72a and the SRP transition to the TDR Team: TDRTeam@gsa.gov.

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