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Workshop #3 Q&A Session Recap & Feedback Survey

On November 16th, the ETSNext PMO hosted the final session of a three (3) workshop series to familiarize industry with the OMB approved Travel and Expense Business Standards that will be used as the basis for the next Travel and Expense solution for the civilian government. Thanks to all who attended! We’d love to hear about your experience -- please take this short feedback survey!

 Below are the questions and answers from the session: 


1. Why are there numbering gaps in the Capabilities?
Answer: Gaps in capabilities were intentionally left open so that future Capabilities can be developed, as needed. As you will notice, the numbering across all Business Standards (e.g. Use Cases and Service, Function, Activities) is cross-walked. That means a change to one requires updates to all so that consistency is maintained.


2.  Is there a published list of the current Travel and Expense Business Standards? 

Answer: Travel and Expense Business Standards are published on the Mission Support Business Standards website: https://ussm.gsa.gov/fibf-travel/

3. Are there plans to add any additional Use Cases to the existing 13?

Answer: Level 1 and Level 2 Use Cases have been developed. When necessary, the Travel and Expense Business Standards can be revised to accommodate new scenarios during annual updates. Level 3 Use Cases are either low volume and/ or low dollar value, are usually agency-specific, and are normally in agencies’ purview to develop in coordination with OGP.  From a FAS perspective, they are possible optional services that will be subject to a governance process. 


Please stay tuned to this ETSNext Industry community space here on Interact for more information about ETSNext and details about future events.


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ETSNext community will be made up of industry Travel and Expense solution providers both existing contract holders and new entrants.

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