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Winning Big with Small Business

With a record breaking Powerball still buzzing in the air, everyone is daydreaming about what they would do with a billion dollars. Some dream of boats, fancy cars, traveling the world while others dream of opening their own business.


Luckily for some small business owners, their dreams have already come true. Owning your own business is a rewarding process regardless of the obstacles you may face.


The General Services Administration’s Office of Small Business Utilization is dedicated to helping achieve your small business dreams. We believe that small businesses are a critical part of our nation’s economy. They provide communities with growth opportunities and are leaders in innovative solutions across various industries. OSBU provides resources that can help your small business be what you dreamed it would be. We constantly engage with small businesses across the country offering procurement process counseling, training, and provide guidance and resources through our website.


GSA’s OSBU and OSBU’s across the federal government promote the advancement of small businesses across the country. We focus on specific socioeconomic categories of small businesses including minority, Service Disabled Veteran, HUBZone, and women owned small businesses. Expanding opportunities for these small businesses is a high priority for GSA and we are proud that small businesses account for approximately 80% of all GSA contractors.


In FY 15, GSA had a goal of 32% of all eligible contracts to go to small businesses procurement contracts. We exceeded this goal by awarding 44.21%, or 1.64 billion dollars, to small business contracts. To further promote small business growth, GSA has a goal of 36.5% for FY 16. This means that roughly $258.2M of the $583.6M total eligible dollars in contracting has gone to small businesses as of the beginning of the second quarter.


Within this goal, GSA strives to meet the 5% statutory Small Disadvantaged Small Business (SDB) goal, 5% Statutory Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) goal, 3% Statutory HUBZone Small Business (HUBZone) Goal, and the 3% Statutory Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) goal.  As of the beginning of the second quarter $163.2M, of total eligible dollars has gone to SDB (27.96%), $53.6M of total eligible dollars has gone to WOSB (9.20%), $24.3M of total eligible dollars has gone to HUBZ (4.18%), and $38.5M of total eligible has gone to SDVOSB (6.60%).


If you are interested in learning more about the federal procurement process then we encourage you to explore the “Is GSA Right for You?” section on our website. This section gives an overview of the things to consider when pursuing procurement opportunities within the federal government. For additional guidance, our Customer Care Team is devoted to assisting you with all your small business needs. You can find us on www.gsa.gov/smallbizsupport!


We also invite you to connect with us on social media to stay current on trainings, news, events and national conferences for small businesses.


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