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White Papers for Industry One-on-One Sessions Due May 1


As expected, the slots for our Industry One-on-One sessions filled up quickly.  At this point, we have closed the registration page.  However, that does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to still schedule a One-on-One.  As previously stated, we are requiring each Industry Partner who has signed up for a One-on-One session to submit a white paper.  These documents are due to the OASIS Mailbox (oasis@gsa.gov) by 09:00 am EST on Wednesday, May 1.  Any Industry Partner who does not submit a white paper by that time will have their session cancelled.  Industry Partners who submit white papers on time, but who do not currently have a One-on-One session scheduled, will be given priority in filling in any cancelled sessions.  Depending on the number of additional white papers we receive, we may also try to fit in some extra One-on-One sessions.  Anyone who fails to submit a white paper by the deadline will not be considered for a One-on-One session.

In response to some questions we’ve received, I’d like to talk about what the OASIS Team is looking for in these white papers.  I will start with what we do not want.  Please do not submit:

  • Corporate Capabilities briefings
  • Descriptions of your company’s past experience and qualifications
  • Questions about the draft RFPs (Your questions should be submitted through the formal process we identified in the drafts, using the spreadsheet attachment provided.)

Instead, we want your honest review of the draft RFPs.   The purpose of the white paper is to provide a forum for you to share your thoughts on our process, the innovative features such as the objective scoring system, Dormancy, NAICS pools, GSA Interact and our communication strategy, etc. Are the requirements clearly written?  Where could we improve?  What did you like about our approach?  What would you do differently?  What was unclear?  While we want to hear your opinions about these issues, we are most interested in the rationale or the “why” behind any recommendations you might have.  The white paper is meant to tee up a dialog during the One-on-One where you can openly share your thoughts on the OASIS Program.  In discussions with many Industry representatives over the years, I’ve often found great value in hearing their opinions outside the formal Q&A process.  That is the conversation we are trying to facilitate.  I would hope that you have read our various “Exploring OASIS” blogs and look forward to hearing your thoughts on those topics as well.

Below are the Ground Rules we posted for our last round of One-on-Ones, updated for this round:

1.   Both the Government and Industry Partner will communicate with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

2.   Government resources to perform this effort are limited, so only one session per company please (regardless of how many companies form a conglomerate).

3.   No marketing efforts.  The intent of this effort is to discuss issues and generate ideas affecting the OASIS contract, not go through company capabilities.

4.   Participation in this process is strictly voluntary.

5.   Industry Partners are asked to provide a substantive response to several of the questions on the white paper.  Please keep the length of the white paper to no more than 5 pages if possible and remember you will have the chance to further expand on your answer.

6.   Participation in this effort will have no bearing on future awards of contracts under OASIS.

7.   One-on-One sessions will generally last 30 minutes.   The content of the One-on-One sessions will be centered around the Industry Partner’s white paper and related matters affecting OASIS, not around specifics of the company..

8.   One-on-One sessions will be conducted with resources available.  One-on-One sessions will be conducted with two OASIS team members.  However, there may be more OASIS team members present to observe any given session.

9.   One-on-One sessions may be conducted via telephone and/or Webex.

10. One-on-One sessions shall be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

11. There will be a limited number of spots and we cannot guarantee that all session requests can be scheduled.  Once all spots are filled, further requests will be wait-listed.

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