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What is Supply Transformation?

What is Supply Transformation?

A few prior posts have touched on topics that relate to GSA’s Supply Transformation effort. These include the early October launch of a new strategic sourcing contract for office supply NSNs and last week’s post about vendor performance metrics. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to step back for a moment and glimpse the “big picture” of Supply Transformation.

GSA is transforming its wholesale and retail supply programs to offer customers lower prices and faster delivery, worldwide. This modernization process includes our acquisition, distribution, information technology and customer service functions.

Briefly stated, these changes are:

  • Acquisition – Apply strategic sourcing principles to lower overall product costs for Office Supplies, Maintenance, Repair & Operations products and Janitorial/Sanitation items.

  • Distribution – Direct delivery of products from our vendor partners for greater speed and lower cost.

  • Information Technology – Modernize our IT infrastructure to lower costs and ensure integration with Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS) requirements.

  • Customer Service – Provide greater order visibility and self-service capability throughout the supply chain.

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