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What Happened with SAM.gov Login Process

The General Service Administration’s (GSA) Integrated Award Environment (IAE) has implemented changes  to the way people log in to SAM.gov and  the way they register in SAM.gov.


Changes to the login process in SAM.gov

Now,  when you log into SAM.gov, you will be prompted to create a login.gov user account. Your current SAM.gov username and password will no longer work. This change will not impact users viewing the public data on SAM.gov without logging in.

To create a new user account you need the following:

  1. A valid email address (either a previous email used to create your SAM Account or a new one) and the ability to access that email to receive a confirmation email.
  2. You will then select from three options to receive a one-time code to secure your account: text, phone call, or an authentication app. (How do you use an authentication app?)
  3. During your first time creating a new account, you will also receive a personal key, which is a set of 16 random characters. It is very important that you keep your personal key and store it safely. If you lose access to your phone, you can enter the personal key to access your services or applications.

Using the same email address allows SAM.gov to automatically migrate your roles. If a different email address is provided, your roles will need to be reassigned. This could cause delays in updating your existing registrations.


What has changed in the way I register in SAM.gov?

The requirement for submission of a notarized letter which identifies each entity's authorized administrator has not changed. However, registrations which pass normal validations will be activated prior to GSA receiving and approving the physical notarized letter.  

For assistance regarding these changes, contact the Federal Service Desk at www.fsd.gov, and go to Login.gov to learn how to create an account.   


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