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What is GSA Global Supply?

Since GSA offers a variety of supply solutions to federal customers, and some of our vendor partners engage with us through multiple programs, we’d like to take a moment to clarify the scope of the GSA Global Supply program. During GSA’s more than 65 years, this program has been known by varied names, but has provided easy access to common consumables like office supplies, tools and cleaning products.

In brief, GSA Global Supply is a wholesale supply source for the federal government, with a focus on leveraging the buying power of the government for the commercial commodities noted above. Under a longstanding division of responsibilities, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) manages items that are primarily military specific in nature.

GSA customers, whether military or civilian, can order online, via phone/fax or through an agency-specific system (e.g. Army’s SARSS) to convey orders to GSA. Prior to 2014, GSA’s distribution centers stocked, packed and shipped most ordered items worldwide. Now, we rely on our direct-delivery vendor partners to fulfill those orders. In our next message, we’ll describe the key difference between these customer “requisitions” to GSA and the broader category of “acquisitions” that customers may transact with commercial suppliers.


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