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What is the Difference Between SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov?

The U.S. General Services Administration has two websites running concurrently that sound similar in name but aren't similar in function just yet. At this time, each site - SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov - serve different functions and they exist for different reasons. SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov will coexist until the current SAM.gov fully transitions into the new site. GSA will alert users and the public well in advance of this change.


SAM.gov is not changing at this time. SAM.gov is the place users should continue to go if they want to register to do business with the U.S. government. In addition to initial registration, you can update or renew, check the status of your registration, or search for entity registrations and exclusion records on SAM.gov. For the time being, SAM.gov will remain the same site is has been for years.



The new site beta.SAM.gov will incorporate all of the functions of SAM.gov (as well as nine other legacy websites) at some point in the future, but not now. We are using the term “beta” in the name of the site to differentiate between the two sites. Once SAM.gov transitions into the new site, the "beta" moniker will go away and there will be only one SAM.gov.


In May, GSA is transitioned the functionality of CFDA.gov (the legacy site used to search for assistance listings such as grants and loans) into the new beta.SAM.gov. Users who use to go to CFDA.gov are now redirected to beta.SAM.gov for an improved experience with assistance listings. SAM.gov has not changed or been impacted by CFDA’s transition into beta.SAM.gov. We encourage you to visit beta.SAM.gov and as always, the Federal Service Desk stands by ready to assist with any questions about beta.SAM.gov or any of today’s current legacy sites.


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