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What are Reverse Industry Trainings (RIT)?

What are RITs?

You’ve probably heard of Reverse Industry Training or Reverse Industry Day events by now, and perhaps have attended a few. GSA has hosted several of these events over the past year. Reverse Industry Training is a model that delivers training to the acquisition workforce through the eyes and perceptions of industry.  The training provides acquisition professionals with an opportunity to learn more about industry’s processes related to pursuing, bidding and winning federal contracts, debriefs and protests – from industry’s viewpoint.

The goal of a RIT is to:

  1. Strengthen the relationship between government and industry
  2. Reinforce the interdependence of the two
  3.  Affect positive acquisition outcomes by understanding what it’s like to “walk in” each other’s shoes.


How are RITs planned?

OPO notifies industry associations of planned RITs and solicits interest from member firms.  Planning teams are established and meet on a regular basis to develop event topics and content.  Industry plays a major role in planning each RIT in that they determine the number of sessions for the RIT and develop and determine the content and delivery for each session.  OPO is responsible for managing the overall process.  RITs can cover topics that are broad and common across government or specific/unique to a particular agency or program, (e.g. debriefings, interpreting requirements, MAS Program, Leasing, Cloud Computing).   Each RIT requires approximately 4 months of planning.


What Reverse Industry Training is NOT…

  1. An Industry Day, meaning, it is not a day for the government to direct or inform industry of new or upcoming government programs/initiatives
  2. One-on-one sessions with industry representatives  
  3. Demonstrations of industry products or services
  4. Discussions with industry where training to the acquisition workforce is not provided


Interested in a targeted Reverse Industry Training event?

The Ombudsman and team can help with this. The Ombudsman is  located within the GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy, Office of Acquisition Policy, 1800 F St NW, Washington DC.  Visit the Ombudsman’s website at www.gsa.gov/ombudsman or contact the Ombudsman at GSAOmbudsman@gsa.gov   

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