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What’s new in SAM.gov

Autumn is here! Cooler days are just around the corner. It's a good time to reflect on recent IAE system updates. Integrating beta.SAM.gov and SAM.gov on May 24th was certainly the biggest change we made this year, but did you know we've continued to deliver incremental improvements over the past few months? Grab a cup of hot cocoa and let's talk about what’s new. 

In this blog, you’ll find information on the following updates: 

  • Request controlled attachments on notices
  • Shorter wait when searching by CAGE Code
  • Expanded permissions now available for federal roles
  • DUNS Number to Unique Entity ID(SAM) transition

Request controlled attachments on notices: We heard from you that it was cumbersome to request individual access to controlled attachments on notices, so we made it easier for you to request controlled attachment access at the notice level. Now when you request access, you can submit one request for all controlled attachments for the entire  notice. If you want to only request access to a specific attachment, you can still do that, too. 

Shorter wait when searching by CAGE code: Some of you told us that searching the Entity Status Tracker using the CAGE Code was taking too long, so we improved the response time for CAGE Code searches.  As of June 2021, if you’re searching the Entity Status Tracker by CAGE Code, you should notice the search results come up faster. This was a change on the back end of the system; there is no other noticeable difference in how you track entity status. 

Expanded permissions now available for federal roles: As of August 2021, if you’re a federal user,  you can request permission to view TIN, FOUO Data, and entity reports as part of multiple roles. You can still request the stand alone “FOUO Entity Management Data Viewer” and “Sensitive Entity Management Data Viewer” roles to access this data. Users with these new permissions for any role can access the search filters and fields on the entity display pages. You’ll maintain all prior role permissions (e.g., a Contracting Officer in the opportunities domain can still post a notice). 

 The list below shows roles where these additional permissions can be assigned.  

  1. Contract Opportunities domain: Administrator and Contracting Officer roles
  2. Contract Data domain: Administrator and Contracting Officer roles
  3. Exclusions subdomain: Agency Exclusions Representative, Agency Roles Administrator, and Agency Administrator Exclusions roles
  4. Entity Registration subdomain: Agency Roles Administrator, Office Registration Representative, Agency Administrator Entity Management roles

DUNS Number to Unique Entity ID (SAM) transition: As we continue preparation for the transition from the DUNS Number) to Unique Entity ID (SAM), you’ll notice instances in SAM.gov and other IAE systems where the new SAM.gov-generated Unique Entity IDis listed near the DUNS Number. The attribute label is now “Unique Entity ID (SAM)” for the entity ID; and “Ultimate Parent Unique Entity ID (SAM)” for the entity ID of a parent company of an entity. These will be added to static, standard, and administrative contract reports over the coming months. You can learn more about how Unique Entity ID (SAM) will appear in contract data reports, including a table with updated report attributes,  in this FAQ.


For those who are keeping track, as of July 2021, the Unique Entity ID (SAM) was added to:

  • Contract Opportunities Search Awardee section
  • Saved Search and Contract Opportunities Search Download (Contract Opportunities)
  • Across additional role pages such as the My Roles page, role notifications, feeds, and the user directory views
  • Exclusions Data Entry Pages

As a reminder, even though you’re seeing the new Unique Entity ID (SAM) show up across SAM.gov, the DUNS Number remains authoritative until April 4, 2022 whenever you do business with the government. You can learn more in the FAQS about how best to prepare yourself for the transition away from DUNS Number to the new Unique Entity ID (SAM).


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