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What’s Changing with the SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov Integration?

GSA is excited to announce that on May 24th, 2021, SAM.gov will merge with beta.SAM.gov, becoming one system. This milestone will mark the culmination of significant work with IAE system users and stakeholders across the board who all have helped create what will be the ‘new’ SAM.gov. The new SAM.gov - that will now be much more than a registration system only - incorporates customer-focused functionality changes, improving the overall experience for you. 

You are invited to participate in the next Integrated Award Environment online Stakeholder Forum on Wednesday, May 5, 2021, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT.  Please register here for a meeting link to learn more about many of the upcoming changes.  

We already have merged several of IAE’s systems into what is now beta.SAM.gov (e.g. FBO.gov, WDOL.gov, and CFDA.gov). On May 24th, SAM.gov will be the next to integrate. The SAM.gov that you experience today is where entities register to do business with the federal government, find exclusion records, search entity registrations, and perform other tasks. That functionality will move into the new system. This change will affect all SAM.gov and beta.SAM.gov users.

After May 24, 2021, SAM.gov users can expect a variety of changes designed to help reduce burden. For example, you will see a home page which allows you to quickly perform tasks such as searching for contract opportunities, finding wage determinations, and more, as well as the tasks done currently at SAM.gov.

You can get a sneak peek at what the new SAM.gov will look like by checking out beta.SAM.gov right now. We implemented a new design at beta.SAM.gov (that will carry over to the new SAM.gov in a few weeks). You will experience a change in the presentation of current data sets and information; however, the new look and feel does not change core data or core functions. 

Changes SAM.gov users can expect after May 24 include but are not limited to:

  • A single user URL (no more “beta”) and login for all functions currently in beta.SAM.gov and SAM.gov
  • A single personalized user Workspace based on your roles and the entity registrations you manage
  • Landing pages with help specific to entity registrations, exclusions, and entity reporting
  • Service Contract Reporting (SCR) and BioPreferred reporting access from the entity’s Workspace
  • System account functionalities for non-federal users 
  • Login requirement to search entity registration data
  • Optional identity verification for entity administrators (not required until 2022)
  • Streamlined search filter functionality 

Stay tuned to this space on Interact for more information about specific changes on the horizon!


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