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Welcome to the San Francisco Acquisition Interagency Council

Hello and Happy Friday.  It's been a fairly hectic week at work, but one thing that I committed myself to accomplishing before the end of the week was to prepare a blog posting to welcome our members and guests to the San Francisco Acquisition Interagency Council (SF-AIC) new Interact site. 

While I am now aware that I am composing this while the site is still in the inbox and not launched, I wanted to, at a minimum, fulfill this promise. 

The SF-AIC is the consummation of several years of hard work in bringing acquisition leaders in the SF-Bay Area together and discussing issues which affect contracting and the acquisition workforce.  The dream was finalily realized when the San Francisco Federal Executive Board unanimously approved our group (formerly known as the San Francisco Acquisition Roundtable) with the full rights and responsibilities by elevating it to Council status in early June 2015. 

Obtaining Council status is something that could not have been achieved without the support of Jackie Sullo, Director, Acquisition Operations Division in FAS, GSA and Jim Bartha, Chief of Contracting at the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Thanks!

In addition, my appreciation to our SES sponsors, Linda Allen, Regional Commissioner, FAS, GSA, and Traci Clever, Regional Business Director, US Army Corps of Engineers. 

Now it's time to begin anew the task of fulfilling the mission and objectives of the Council.  You can check out our one-page, slip sheet which provides a concise summary of the Council. 

In addition, we will be hosting our fiirst meeting as a Council on 30 July at GSA Regional Headquarters, located at 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA, from 9:30 to 11:30 (PDT).  I will be posting the agenda and, for those not able to make it in person, providing a bridge line and password. 

Take care and see you soon.  Have a great weekend!




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