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The commodity category of Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) services has been selected as one of five new categories to be considered as a Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. GSA, in addition to a team comprised of representatives from 18 federal agencies, is now in the process of developing a government-wide program designed to improve the way the federal government purchases and manages these types of services. This might include items such as HVAC, elevator maintenance, janitorial services, grounds maintenance and utilities.
An important part of the development of the BMO solution is ensuring that the team actively listens to all of the program’s stakeholders (agency customers, private industry, small business vendors and the U.S. taxpayer) in order to build the most effective solution possible. This new community on Interact.gsa.gov providesGSA a forum to hold open discussions about the program’s aspects at each stage of development.
We want your feedback! The team will be posting a range of discussion questions, documents and resource material here throughout the development phase and beyond, and we would like you to provide constructive comments and contribute to any ongoing discussions.
You can visit our group Interact.gsa.gov/group/FSSIBMO page anytime. To enable the comments section, you must first create an account within Interact. Click the Welcome! Login button located in the upper-right corner of the page and complete the profile form (don’t forget to select Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative Building Maintenance & Operations as a group you’d like to follow). If you already have an Interact account, join BMO under the Community groups listing. You also can sign-up to receive email updates under the Contact Us sidebar on our Interact page.
For those of you who would prefer to send us an offline email, you can contact us at FSSI.BMO@gsa.gov
Thank you for your interest in the GSA BMO program. We look forward to sharing with you and hearing what you have to say.
From the GSA BMO Development Team

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Welcome to the GSA strategic sourcing Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) community. This effort is being undertaken to improve the way the... More

Email us at FSSI.BMO@gsa.gov.

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