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WEBINAR: FCL-GSA-0105 - Implementing Order-Level Materials Authority under GSA Schedules

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Order-Level Materials (OLMs) are supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task or delivery order placed against a Schedule contract or BPA. OLM pricing is not established at the Schedule contract or BPA level, but at the order level. This course will provide an overview of the authority to acquire Order-Level Materials under certain Federal Supply Schedules, to include implementation at the FSS solicitation, contract, and order levels. Federal agency employees may register and earn 2.0 CLPs.

Federal employees must register in FAITAS to earn CLP Credit.

Start Time: 11/20/2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time

End Time: 11/20/2018 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Register in FAITAS here (Select 'V81' Class): https://faitas.army.mil/Faitas/External/Courses/Search/Results;keywords=fcl-gsa-0105/Details/FCL-GSA-0105

Please visit GSA’s Order-Level Materials home page at www.gsa.gov/olm  for 'Frequently Asked Questions' and the most up-to-date information on this initiative.

Still have questions?  We’re here to help. Please contact us at olmquestions@gsa.gov.


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