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We’re Seeking Feedback if You Use WDOL.gov

Do You Use WDOL.gov?

As you may already be aware, WDOL.gov will be decommissioned in June of this year.  All of the things you do in WDOL.gov today will be done on beta.SAM.gov in the near future.


But you can actually check out WDOL.gov’s features (or ‘Wage Determinations’) in beta.SAM.gov right now.  In fact, we’re are extending an invitation to you to test those wage determination capabilities that are there now; we want your feedback, especially if you’re a frequent WDOL.gov user.


Before you visit the beta.SAM.gov, here are some things to note:  

Please provide any feedback or issues to us directly on the beta.SAM.gov by utilizing the feedback tool (just look in the left-hand column of most any page).


For Background:

With the transition to beta.SAM.gov, there will be a new feature that will allow users to follow and  stay up-to-date on wage determinations. Each wage determination reflects the current data provided by the Department of Labor. Unlike other data sets, there are two primary ways to find a wage determination on beta.SAM.gov:

  • If you have a wage determination number, enter it into the keyword search.
  • To search by geographic location, step through the wage determination filters instead of keyword search. (Select “Wage Determinations” from the search drop down and select “Search.” Then follow the steps for DBA, SCA, or CBA).

As part of this migration, existing WDOL subscriptions will not migrate to beta.SAM.gov. For a smooth transition, please make sure you take note of your current WDOL.gov subscription number so that you can re-subscribe on beta.SAM.gov in the future.   


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