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We’re Changing Our Name and Expanding The Conversation

Effective March 16, 2015, the Services Ordering Solutions Interact community will be renamed the Professional Services Category Interact community to better represent the broad spectrum of professional services solutions.

The purpose of this group will be to support Federal Government Agencies ordering professional services utilizing any of the available contract vehicles.  The group will also support ongoing dialogue between GSA’s industry partners and the federal acquisition community.  Through this forum, GSA wants to expand the conversation and connect our contracting officer, industry and government buyers in a more collaborative way than has ever been done before.  

The group will be moderated by Professional Services Category Manager Geri Haworth with input from Professional Services Schedule Project Manager Kathy Jocoy and Contracting Officer Brad deMers, all working in GSA Region 10's Federal Acquisition Service located in Auburn, Washington.  

Don’t worry, the insightful blog posts and dialogue in this community won’t go away.  As a matter of fact, the conversation should be even more robust as we address the best way for the federal community to acquire professional services and solutions. Our ultimate goal is to connect the OASIS, FABS and Multiple Awards Schedule community to Professional Services community as those groups have a link to the work we are doing. Group members will be able to maneuver between different communities that have professional services solutions as a common thread. This framework will make it easier for members to find updated information, current training events and important threads of conversation related to the professional service category.

Please note that if you are currently subscribed to Services Ordering Solutions you will continue to receive notifications about new blog posts and training opportunities under the Professional Services Category.  If you do not wish to stay connected to this community, you can simply unsubscribe, although we expect you will find the changes beneficial to you in helping to meet your acquisition needs.

If you are currently subscribed to OASIS, MAS, FABS or other communities, you will NOT be automatically made a member of the Professional Services Category group. You will need to join Professional Services Category in addition to those groups.  

Important note: The views expressed on the Professional Services Category community are those of the individual content creators. These views and posted comments do not necessarily reflect GSA policy and should not be viewed as such. The stated opinions contained herein are just that, our opinions as experienced contracting professionals.  


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