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WDOL.gov Retired; Wage Determinations Now in beta.SAM.gov

Wage Determinations OnLine.gov (WDOL.gov) is retired and no longer available to access for wage determination information. As of now, beta.SAM.gov is the official source for wage determination data.  Everything you used to do in WDOL.gov, can now be done in beta.SAM.gov.


In beta.SAM.gov, the WDOL functionality falls under the category (what we call ‘domain’) Wage Determinations. In order to use the “Follow” button on beta.SAM.gov to “watch” specific wage determinations, you must log in.


When we migrated over the functions of WDOL, we made significant improvements, including:

  • Adding a search-based structure
  • Offering the ability to search data by number, keyword, or location for exact and immediate results
  • Providing easy to use search filters to quickly find the right wage determination
  • Introducing the ability to search both active and inactive (archived) data at the same time
  • Providing a timeline and history of changes made to wage determinations, and
  • Creating a robust learning center with FAQ's, Video tutorials, and glossary information
  • Adding capabilities such as saving searches, following and managing follows, and accessing the workspace for those who create a beta.SAM.gov user account

At this time, anybody who tries to access WDOL.gov will be redirected to beta.SAM.gov.  The redirect page provides easy access to the wage determination search, Learning Center, quick start guide, and more prior to taking them to beta.SAM.gov. Users can get information and guidance about the new Wage Determination functions by visiting the Learning Center on beta.SAM.gov.

For more information about the overall evolution of beta.SAM.gov, stay tuned to IAE’s Interact section or visit GSA.gov/IAE. You can also watch a short video about the WDOL transition here.


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