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Barbara Rosholdt
<p>I went over the first twenty-five displays and was struck by some of the assumptions inherent. &nbsp;The first model seemed very acceptable to my way of thinking as a high level view with the ultimate constraint - the natural environment. &nbsp;I was not so pleased with many of the other models that relegated that constraint to a side or something outside of other activities (e.g. society, commerce, etc.). &nbsp;I was dismayed by one model that was person-centric, but that has it&#39;s place in the great scheme of sociological/psychological perspective. &nbsp;Regarding all models, people should do their own thinking about their responsibilities and understandings, and each should come up with their own model. I&#39;m working on mine.</p>
Here at the Sustainability Forum, we discuss the current state of Federal sustainability, including ideas for improving agencies' ability to address... More
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