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Viewership Growth on beta.SAM.gov

While still under development since its launch in September 2017, beta.SAM.gov has on average 1,200 viewers each week. Users from all over the world are accessing the site on various devices to test the new search function. This modernization allows users to access the award data via computer and smartphone, making a more convenient process to manage federal awards.


Users will be redirected to the beta site as we prepare to retire CFDA.gov. The federal assistance information from CFDA will transfer to beta.SAM.gov under the domain name Assistance Listing. With that, we are anticipating even more viewership on beta.SAM.gov, particularly those seeking federal assistance.


Users viewing the test site are providing helpful suggestions in the feedback tool on beta.SAM.gov. It is important for us to receive feedback to better the website as we make continual changes. Users are liking the look and feel of the beta website. The majority of the response in the feedback tool has been positive, with many looking forward to using beta.SAM.gov in the future.


To stay up to date on the modernization, please visit beta.SAM.gov.


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