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Video: Welcome to the Multiple Award Schedules Interact Group

Houston Taylor, Assistant Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service's Office of Acquisition Management, talks about this blog platform and how it can keep you informed regarding the latest GSA Schedules news.

Houston Taylor Video:

Video is not currently available.  Contact fas.interact@gsa.gov for questions.

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<p>Neat! Now I wonder: who did the video shoot and production?</p><p>Paige</p><h3><a href="http://www.leoindus.com">Leonie</a> - Communicate Beyond Borders</h3>
<p>Hi Paige: This video was produced by GSA&#39;s Office of Communications and Marketing, Creative Services Division. They do great work!</p>
The purpose of this blog platform is to enhance communication and information regarding GSA Schedules. Blog posts on this platform includes in-depth... More

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